Diba can only dream of going to school

Diba can only dream of going to school

Diba (14) has to work in a clothing factory in Mirpur, Bangladesh

It’s hard for Diba to imagine a brighter future, but you’re helping to change that.

Fourteen-year-old Diba wishes she could go to school, but her dreams are far from reality.

Every day she works 12 hours sewing clothing in a factory so her family has enough to eat.

Her father died when she was 10 years old and now, she’s the main provider for her family of four. Diba’s mother works for a neighbour but the meagre income she makes is not enough for the family to survive.

“What my mother earns in a month can’t even buy plain rice for a week,” Diba says.

“I can hardly remember when we last had a full breakfast. The leftover watery rice, if we have any, mother serves us as the first meal of the day.”

Diba’s mother is heartbroken she has to send her to work. “What mother wants her child to work at such a tender age?” she asks. But the family doesn’t have any other options. “I sent her to work as our sufferings were intolerable. We use what she earns to buy food, but we’re still living with hardship!”

Working such long hours is taking a toll on Diba’s young body. Recently, the constant pressure of the scissors caused a serious wound on the palm of her hand.

She stopped working for a month, until hunger forced her to go back before the wound was properly healed.

“Hunger is more painful to endure than the pain of the wound in my palm," she says.

Diba only got the chance to complete Grade 1 at school, but she still dares to dream about her future.

“I wish I could be a teacher. Only God knows whether it would ever be possible."

“As I am the oldest child of this family, I have no choice but to earn.”

Right now, your kindness is reaching children like Diba in Mirpur. Your love and care will provide vocational training for teens who’ve had to drop out of school. You’ll help them earn new skills, start their own businesses and earn a stable living on their terms. With you by their side, children like Diba can build a brighter future.