Protecting girls like Kabita from child marriage

Protecting girls like Kabita from child marriage

Meet Kabita

Kabita is 8-years-old, and was dropped off at an orphanage when she was very young. One of her brothers was also taken to an orphanage, and her other brother took to the streets to beg for money, an extremely dangerous job that often ends in exploitation and abuse.  
After becoming a sponsored child in 2013, she is now going to school, and living with kind people. A World Vision-funded Child Wellbeing Committee is set up in Dhaka, which works to protect children from child marriage, child labour, and other child abuses. Bangladesh has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world, with almost 20 per cent of girls married by 15-years-old. What could have been an uncertain future involving the prospect of early marriage was prevented for Kabita.  
Our work establishing Child Wellbeing Committees is key to sustaining change in the communities we work with. These committees are run by community members, for the community. As we help communities understand a girls' value, a whole generation of children can be impacted. The future is brighter now for Kabita. It is her time to shine.