Men's groups are fighting against exploitation

Men's groups are fighting against exploitation
Devi, a member of a World Vision Men's group pictured with his daughter.

World Vision’s key aim is to challenge attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that accept violence, abuse and exploitation against children. One tactic for achieving this aim has been the establishment of Men's Groups.  

These groups support men in the community to challenge social norms through training and education. Where they were once living out social norms, they are now champions for their families and children. 

Members of the Men’s Group are proud protectors of their children, sons and daughters alike. When any member hears that a girl is being forced into child marriage or she’s at risk of being assaulted at school, the Men’s Group has learned to act, and reach out to school teachers and local authorities to ensure the young girls of their community are safe.

“We learned one thing from our fathers and grandfathers, but once we joined the group, our mentality totally changed. We were thinking of ourselves, working eight hours a day and making money, but not about the women who were working 16 hours a day for no money, going to the children when they woke in the night while we were asleep. We started to ask, what is the difference between us? Now we are working for happiness, and we have great families, happy families. The children see their parents working together and we know our children and our wives better. We know who their friends are and we’re participating in our families better,” shares one Men’s Group member. 

The long-term impact of these Men's groups is immense. As a community champions the rights of children, cycles of poverty, abuse and exploitation are broken.