Ritika beats malnourishment

Ritika beats malnourishment

When I first met Ritika she was very thin and got sick very easily. At two years old she is the youngest of all her siblings (two brothers and a sister). Renu, her mother, came to us worried about Ritika’s health and asked what she could do to keep her children healthy. 
We enrolled Renu in a nutrition programme we run and there she learned how to use local ingredients to prepare nutritious and healthy food for her family.  
With the knowledge and support Renu received, Ritika slowly, but surely began to gain weight and is now eating well. In just under three months, Ritika has become a bright, active little girl who loves to play with others! We are so proud of Renu putting into practice what she has learnt.  
Ritika is one of over 400 children who are no longer malnourished since World Vision began running nutrition programmes in Nawanda. It’s great to see their smiles now!