An education for Bo’s children

An education for Bo’s children

When I first met Bo's children, only some of them were in school. Bo was struggling to make enough money for his family of seven to survive, but even so, two of his children were working alongside him to make ends meet, instead of getting an education.

We provided Bo’s family with 10 goats, and trained him in goat herding. Bo started selling goats and goat milk, and has since grown his herd to 25!
With this increased income, Bo didn’t need his children to work anymore, so they’re able to go to school. On top of that, they were even able to move closer to the village so his kids can walk to school. “I always felt sad for my two eldest children dropping out of school, but I’m happy I can send my younger children to school and fulfil their needs,” says Bo.

Bo is thankful that through World Visions’ support, he has been able to better his children’s future. “All of you gave hope to my children, so I can support my family and take care of them.”