Sold to a brothel at 14 years-old

Thet was just 14 years-old when her Aunt sold her to a brothel.

Forced to quit school to support her sick mother, she accepted a job at a bakery but instead was taken to hotels around Yangon and forced to sleep with dozens of men from other countries.

Her pleas to be set free were ignored. “I asked my aunt to let me visit my mother but she said ‘no, she doesn’t live here anymore’.”
Thet wasn’t paid a cent in the six months she was held against her will.

Eventually, a client reported that the brothel was supplying underaged girls, and police raided the place. “The happiest moment was when I received a negative result on my HIV test.”

With the help of World Vision, Thet is now running a sewing business, her mother’s house has been renovated, and she is saving up to become a make-up artist. “I’m so thankful for all the help,” she says. “I’m sharing my story with the hope that others will learn from it, so that one day, sex trafficking can be stopped forever.”