Wai is now free after being locked up in a brothel at 17

Wai is now free after being locked up in a brothel at 17
Wai was just 17 years old when she was sold against her will to a brothel. 

She had managed to leave her cheating husband and was helped to find a restaurant job to support her young daughter. Soon, she found out she had night duties too. “We were 40-50 girls locked up in the dark, unable to see if it was night or day. Some had been sent by their own mothers” Wai recalls.

In the end, Wai’s mother found her and called the authorities, who managed to rescue 20 of the girls. The owner of the brothel bribed them to stay silent, but Wai was determined to stand up against her oppressor. With the help of World Vision advocates, Wai bravely testified in court. 

Wai was just one of the thousands of children who are trafficked into sexual exploitation every year. It is a complex issue, where poverty is a big cause factor. World Vision’s approach seeks to tackle the problem at its root. We work with communities to prevent, protect, and in cases like Wai’s, to prosecute and rehabilitate.

We work alongside those who have a responsibility to protect children, starting with families and faith communities and extending to teachers, local and traditional leaders, hospitals, police, government agencies, and courts.