At 13-years old, Ali is unable to attend school

At 13-years old, Ali is unable to attend school as he is the sole wage earner for his family. 

He wakes up every morning at 7:00 am and goes to the busy highway where he spends all day selling tissues. He is often harassed as he stands alone on the roadside. 

Ali makes at most $4 a day, which goes toward rent and other family expenses. His father can't work because he has a nerve condition and there are no job opportunities due to the competition with healthy, younger Syrian refugees. 

Ali's family were living in Aleppo when the war started. The situation got very risky very fast. Because they are Kurdish, they feared for their lives. They left Aleppo for Al Hasake where they stayed for seven months. They were not able to stay there because of the lack of food in the city and there was no electricity or water at all. 

They came to Lebanon 4 years ago as refugees, and have been receiving aid from UN-based organisations and World Vision.