Healthy mums mean healthy babies

Healthy mums mean healthy babies

When Rajiya had her first child, she was in a similar situation to many of the other women in Pirganj: she didn’t know how to keep healthy throughout pregnancy.

“When I had my first child,” she said, “maternity care was not available for me. My baby’s delivery was attended by untrained helpers and I did not know what nutrition the baby or I needed. As I had only primary school education, I was not aware of the dangers involved for newborns.”

The World Vision team and local health clinics worked together to run nutrition programmes for pregnant mums. When Rajiya was pregnant with her second child, she attended the programme every month. She learnt things like what sort of food to eat to keep her and her baby healthy, and how extra vitamins are important when you’re pregnant. 

When Rajiya’s second baby was due, a trained doctor was there to help her. And because of what she had learnt in the classes, she delivered a healthy baby. 

Rajiya tells us, “I am so happy now. I know many things about pregnancy and child care. I am now able to help my neighbour by sharing the information I have learned. I am so grateful to World Vision.” 
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