Koh Andaet community’s health programme

Koh Andaet community’s health programme
26 villages in Koh Andaet have established a ‘Box Health’ programme in each of their communities. Community members come together to help each other in times of difficulty. Each member makes a contribution of one thousand Cambodian riel ($0.35 NZD) per month into a box.

When someone in the community needs to pay a hospital fee, they can borrow the money from the box without any interest fees. In total, there are 1416 members, with a budget of 20,990 Cambodian riel. To date, they have used slightly over 5 million Cambodian riel to help with the medical expenses of 62 children and 20 pregnant women.

I love that people in these communities look out for each other. What a great idea!
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