Born into detainment

Born into detainment
This is George*. He is one of the 119 children held on Nauru.

His family have been detained in Nauru for five years with no opportunity to leave the island. He was born into detainment and has spent his whole life living in conditions no child should have to face.

He is surrounded by wire fences and security guards, with no safe spaces to play and little medical care.

“He doesn’t talk yet, but he loves to write. I think he is going to be a writer, like his father,” says George’s mum.

George is an ordinary, innocent child, whose childhood is being stolen from him. We believe that all kids, no matter where they’re from, or where they live, should have the freedom to grow up and live out their dreams. Join us and give George the future he deserves.

*Name changed to protect identity.