Dreams coming true for Rose

Dreams coming true for Rose

Today I meet with Rose. When she was in Primary School, she dreamed of being a teacher in her community. Back then school was hard for her. The closest school to her community was on the mainland, which meant she (and many other kids) had to paddle across the river to get to school. Many times on an empty stomach, she tells me. 

But, still she preserved and completed her education.  

When she came back to her community, she had to help her parents with the family business, catching and selling fish. Rose didn’t think she would ever be able to live out her dream. Then, World Vision came and worked with the community to establish new an Early Childhood Education centre in the community.  

“I thought to myself, this is a blessing from God to fulfil my dream.”   

Rose’s dream to be a teacher in her community is coming true. She attended trainings to learn how to provide good quality education for young children.  

Pictured: Ellen, 4-years-old and Lilly, 3-years-old are excited for the opening of their new classrooms. 

Rose is so excited that children in her community don’t have to face the same difficulties she did when going to school. I know she is going to be a great teacher for the kids in the community!