Food security training sessions in the Solomon Islands

Food security training sessions in the Solomon Islands

I took a photo of the 40 community members after they had finished their session. 

The aims of today are to help the people get prepared in times of cyclones, earthquakes, floods, drought, bad weather, soil fertility and pest infestation. 

“This community awareness purposely focuses on resilience of crops, backyard gardening and soil improvement for everyone in the community, and to strengthen the community's seasonal gardening and food preservation techniques.” Freda, Team Project Coordinator. 

Jeremiad, a community member, said, “We lived in an island where there was not enough space and land to apply those methods. Most of us only depend on store foods and fish, only few of us own gardens into the mainland, and when disasters come we have nothing to do.”

"This awareness talk was really helpful and timely, it makes us feel that we have people who remember us with support of helpful Information.”