Meet Ian: The beekeeper

Meet Ian: The beekeeper

I'm excited to introduce you to Ian from Bethel Community. He's a proud father of three and is a teacher in the new local Early Childhood Education centre. Ian is also a member of the community savings group and today he's showing me his honey harvest from last year. 

He tells me his community used to face many challenges. From problems like lack of road access, poor communication, poor standard of living, and nowhere to earn money. “People depend entirely on local food crops from the garden to live," he says.  

“We have started to see a lots of changes since the new Early Childhood Education centre was built and since two honeybee hives were brought to the community. The newly education centre is helping and supporting children in my village as well as other children from nearby communities to access education."  

"The honey bee hives that we received are almost at the stages of harvesting. We shared the first bottles of honey with community members. This year, we're looking forward for another harvest that we (the savings group) can sell at the markets. The income earned will support and grow our savings group and benefit all the members and our families." 

Ian tells me the savings group are planning to buy more honeybee hives for even more communities to learn about beekeeping. It's great to see the community excited for new opportunities and it's inspiring to see community members take ownership of their own projects.