Funding a healthy community

Funding a healthy community
Pictured: Aguida, pictured preparing food, is happy her family can make more nutritious meals.

Aguida lives with her mother and five siblings in a village in Bobonaro, Timor-Leste. She decided to join a savings and loans group when World Vision started working with her community. Aguida’s group started producing tempeh, a fermented soybean cake popular as a tofu alternative. 
Thanks to support from Kiwis and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), her community is thriving. Over 860 farmers learned about improved farming methods, conservation and food storage. As a result, Aguida and her community have been able to diversify and increase crop yield, as well as grow their incomes. 
For every 25kg batch of tempeh her group produces, 15kg is dispatched to the local school and the rest is sold for a profit. With this income, Aguida’s group has accumulated a healthy base of funds. For parents in the group, this means they now have the income to keep their children in school – paying for uniforms and fees. 
New high-quality seeds like soy beans, mung beans, tomatoes, and shallots have also contributed to combined sales of over NZD$80,000 for the farmers and their families in the past year. They have managed to harvest over 20 tonnes per hectare of maize this season, compared with the national average of 2.4 tonnes per hectare. 

Aguida gushes, “World Vision changed our lives.”