Angela wanted a more hopeful future, so she took action!

Angela wanted a more hopeful future, so she took action!

Some may have been shocked when, back in the 80s, Angela and her husband packed their bags and went backpacking through Mexico with their then 7 and 9-year-old sons. 

The holiday was amazing, and the experience changed Angela’s life. 

Navigating local buses and crowded streets with their backpacks in tow was confronting for the family from Auckland, used to the comforts of life back home. Along the way, her sons met Mexican street kids, much younger than them, who were supporting their families by selling ceramic animals. These young kids spent the day trawling from one cafĂ© table to the next, trying to sell their wares. 

“That prompted a family discussion and the comparison of our privileged lives to that of those kids in less fortunate circumstances,” says Angela. “What was it really like to be those children, we wondered.”

As the family rattled through the Mexican countryside on yet another overcrowded bus, Angela saw a World Vision sign at one of our community projects. 

“It gave me the initial confidence to believe that here was an organisation actually working on the ground, who would truly connect us with other families who needed our help.” 

When she returned to New Zealand, Angela immediately sponsored a child from Mexico through World Vision.

More than 40 years later, she’s still sponsoring and supporting children and their families. “We’ve lost count of those small faces whose photos have adorned our cluttered fridge,” she says.

Joy in the Arctic - Travelling the world showed Angela and her kids how fortunate their life in New Zealand was.

“Looking back on a fortunate life, which included travel to the furthest corners of the earth from a young age, it’s important to me to continue my association with World Vision. 

“The best and more obvious way to do that is to leave a gift in my Will. From my point of view, by leaving a legacy, it will be possible for me to support, in a small way, the most vulnerable children through the international work of World Vision – even after I’m gone.” 

Angela’s gift in her Will is going to help so many children build brighter futures filled with hope, dignity, choices and opportunities. Futures no longer limited by poverty. 

“Together, we have the power to change a child’s world, now and in the future,” says Angela. 

The values she stands for will live on beyond her lifetime.

That trip to Mexico changed Angela. She is eager to leave the world better than she found it, to give back. 

Thank you, Angela. You can be sure your legacy of hope will live on in the lives of children for generations to come.

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