Kiwis writing Wills to build a brighter future

Kiwis writing Wills to build a brighter future

Kiwis Raewyn and Brent, who included a Gift in their Will

As New Zealand's population ages, Wills, estates and the transfer of assets are becoming pressing topics. Stats NZ predicts more than a million people living in New Zealand will be aged 65+ by 2028.

We are on the cusp of the 'The Great Wealth Transfer' – from Baby Boomers to younger generations. The Baby Boomer generation experienced unparalleled wealth accumulation, setting the stage for the world's largest intergenerational transition of wealth to come.

In New Zealand alone, it's estimated to involve the transfer of more than $1 trillion of assets to younger generations over the next 20 years.

What does this mean for those looking to transfer their assets meaningfully? Hundreds of thousands of Kiwis will have to decide how best to share their blessings, and these choices will have financial and social impacts around the world.

As one of the most generous countries in the world, it's no surprise that, after looking after their loved ones, a growing number of New Zealanders are choosing to leave a charity gift in their Will. Two such New Zealanders are Raewyn and Brent, who each included a gift in their Will to World Vision to help the world's most vulnerable children.

"Our future gift will ensure children can fulfil their dreams," says Raewyn.

The couple are just one example of many caring Kiwis who are choosing to leave a gift in their Will to keep changing the world for future generations.

The importance of having a Will

45% of adults in New Zealand admit to not having a Will, leading to approximately 1500 people each year who die without one.

Creating a valid Will and documenting your specific wishes for how you want your assets to be managed and divided after your death is an important way to protect your wishes and your family.

For Raewyn and Brent, they see leaving a gift to World Vision in their Wills as a natural extension of their loving, compassionate commitment to helping children.

On a visit to their sponsored child, they saw first-hand how a gift to World Vision can change lives.

"This work (that World Vision is doing) is making a huge difference to so many people," says Raewyn.

"We were so impressed by what we saw that when we updated our Wills, we each chose to include a gift to World Vision. It seemed an obvious way of continuing to help people who have not had the same advantages we have."

Grant Bayldon, World Vision New Zealand's National Director.

Raewyn and Brent's gifts will help vulnerable children like Hussein, says Grant Bayldon, World Vision New Zealand's National Director. "Hussein was an 11-year-old boy I met in Lebanon near the Syrian border. He sold tissues in the street till about 10pm every night. Hussein told me about his home back in Syria and his beautiful garden that he loved to play in."

Hussein was now living in a plastic tent, working long hours selling tissues instead of going to school, says Bayldon. "Still, he was determined to become a doctor and he said he wanted to be able to look after his family if anyone got sick. It made me think, if Hussein, in such difficult, difficult circumstances, can hold on to hope and keep working towards that, I can't ever give up on him, and I can't ever give up on other children like him."

That's why Grant has decided to include a gift in his Will to World Vision.

"Of course, I really want to look after my children in my Will," Grant says, "but I also want to do something else.

"What I want my Will to say is that children like Hussein are precious. And that's why I'd encourage anyone to include a gift in their Will to World Vision."

How will you be remembered?

Will future generations remember us as the ones who helped them end extreme poverty for good?

Including a gift in your Will to World Vision, no matter the size, means your love can keep changing the world for children.

For a limited time, World Vision is offering New Zealanders the opportunity to write their Will for free online using trusted partner Footprint NZ – New Zealand's largest online will provider. It's quick, easy and legal and it takes on average just 15 minutes to create your Will. It's also completely free.

It's World Vision's way of helping you protect your family and your wishes by ensuring you have a Will. So, what do you want your Will to say about you?

Learn more about including a Gift in your Will to World Vision