Yazan feels lucky to be alive

Yazan feels lucky to be alive
At age 8, Yazan was forced to flee his home in the middle of the night when the bombing started. With his younger brothers and sisters in tow, he found safety in Azraq refugee camp, Jordan.  

In Syria, we lived in the country. There were trees and flowers, we had chickens. We had a big house with two floors. We lived upstairs, and my grandparents lived downstairs. They did not make it here with us.

We would play with my cousins in the evenings. We would ride our bikes, but we could not bring them with us here.

At night we used to hear bombings. One night when we were sleeping, shots started hitting our house, so we had to escape.

As we were crawling out, our father had to cover us to keep us safe. We saw a lot of scary things, things that we didn’t want to see, but we had to just keep moving.

At night I sleep with all my siblings in one room. There is not much to do, and every day is the same.

The Syria Crisis has now been raging for eight long years. More than six million people have been forced from their homes within Syria, fleeing Aleppo and other centres of conflict and pouring into new areas which are already troubled and insecure.

Approximately 5.6 million people have managed to escape Syria, of these UNICEF estimates 2.6 million are children. They are now facing challenges no child should ever endure, missing school, working as child labourers and girls vulnerable to early marriage. 

A generation of children is at risk of being lost to the impact of this conflict.

World Vision’s staff and partners are on the front lines of this crisis working in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq to bring aid and hope to children, families and communities. 

Last year, our Syria Response supported almost 2.3 million people – 1.3 million children – through education, child protection including Child Friendly Spaces, food and cash assistance, water, sanitation, health and winter supplies.