One year on, your love is helping earthquake survivors in Türkiye and Syria recover and rebuild their lives.

Clean water and sanitation, health care, heat and fuel, cash to buy basic necessities, educational support to keep learning in the wake of a disaster. Your compassion and care helped deliver urgent, life-saving support to children and families who lost everything.

We can’t thank you enough for responding so quickly and generously, and for continuing to support earthquake survivors in Türkiye and Syria as they recover and start to rebuild their lives.

One year ago, a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated communities in Türkiye and Syria. It struck while families were sleep in their beds. In the middle of winter.

More than 50,000 lives were lost and thousands more people were injured.

“[It was] the worst earthquake to hit Türkiye since 1939, and for Syria, already in the grip of a dire humanitarian crisis, [it] just added misery and suffering to so many millions of people,” says Andy Robinson, our Country Programme Manager.

We asked for your urgent help and kind Kiwis like you responded immediately with so much love and generosity to help children and families survive the awful aftermath.

From the very first day of this disaster, your kindness has made a massive difference. And your compassion and care are still reaching families. With you, we’re committed – for as long as it takes – to helping survivors recover and rebuild their lives.

“World Vision has been able to support 1.9 million people, and New Zealand funding in Türkiye has enabled us to run child-friendly spaces and wrap protection services around highly vulnerable children,” says Andy.

“In Syria, we’ve been able to run a cholera program. There was a massive cholera outbreak right before the earthquake hit and that only got worse, so our cholera program has been able to make sure people have got the healthcare they needed.”

This is the impact of your incredible support:
  • 925,000 people had access to clean water and sanitation
  • 6,000 families were provided with heat and fuel
  • 54,000 children received educational support
  • 63,000 people received cash support to purchase basic necessities
  • 38,000 people had access to health care
  • 119,000 people received hygiene kits and other essential items
Thanks to your kindness, children and families in need will continue to receive both short-term and long-term support. . Thank you so much for helping children and families to survive, and start to recover and rebuild their lives.

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