Emergency Relief

World Vision works in the hard places, responding with life-saving speed when disaster strikes. Your support helps bring immediate disaster relief and supplies, and long-term recovery so people can rebuild their lives.

<h4>COVID-19 crisis</h4>

COVID-19 crisis

Vulnerable children and communities need your support to survive this new and deadly phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We urgently need your help to provide access to clean water, set up hand-washing stations, continue to deliver life-saving food aid, support healthcare workers, distribute protective kits and promote safe hygiene practices.

<h4>World Food Programme</h4>

World Food Programme

34 million people worldwide - half of them children - face aching hunger, malnutrition and the onset of starvation because of the compounding impact of poverty, conflict, climate change and COVID-19.

You can help stop hunger, malnutrition and the onset of starvation through our partnership with the World Food Programme.

<h4>Syrian Crisis</h4>

Syrian Crisis

All that most Syrian children know is a life of war. The brutal and violent conflict has been raging on in Syria for ten years. Children have lost their homes, loved ones and everything familiar to them. We need your help to save lives and protect children.

<h4>Tigray Crisis Appeal</h4>

Tigray Crisis Appeal

Children in northern Ethiopia urgently need you. They are caught in the middle of a deadly conflict and food is running out. With your support, we can provide children and families with urgently needed life-saving essentials such as food, water, and shelter.

<h4>Rohingya Refugee Crisis</h4>

Rohingya Refugee Crisis

Violence against Rohingya communities in Myanmar’s Rakhine State has forced over 940,000 people, including over 500,000 children, to flee their homes to refugees camps in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh.

Your support helps bring life-saving disaster relief and supplies.

Every $1 you donate will provide $6 of urgent life-changing support to children whose lives are on the line, thanks to our partnerships with other organisations.


Give the gift of life-saving Emergency Relief!


$35 to buy an emergency medical kit
First aid in times of crisis. This gift can help bind a child’s wounds in the wake of a crisis or sudden disaster. The emergency medical kit includes things like antiseptic, bandages and band-aids to treat cuts and prevent infections.


$60 to give emergency food
You can help feed hungry kids and increase their chances of survival with this gift of nutritious food. And because we partner with the World Food Programme, your gift will multiply 22 times!


$100 to kit out an emergency shelter
Your gift will be a beacon of hope for a family. Your support will kit out their emergency shelter with essentials like towels, hygiene items and cooking materials and practical help when it's needed most.


$250 to give an emergency relief bundle
Gift a crucial lifeline to families caught in a crisis. This bundle includes a Water Filter, Emergency Food, Kit for Emergency Shelter and an Emergency Medical Kit to help a family survive.



When disaster strikes, World Vision adopts a “first-in, last-out” approach: We first respond with life-saving emergency aid, and then we stay for the long term to help families recover and rebuild. Within the first couple of hours after a disaster, World Vision staff members closest to the disaster respond with reports on the level of severity and need. 
  • Within 24 to 72 hours of the disaster, our global rapid response team is on the ground, making assessments and beginning to provide emergency relief. 
  • Within 72 hours of the disaster, our pre-positioned relief supplies are loaded up, transported, and distributed from local and international warehouses. 
We then work to continuously distribute emergency aid and relief to residents affected by the disaster. 
Over the following months, we work to help families stabilise by providing assistance with shelter, water, sanitation and hygiene, child protection activities, healthcare, and economic opportunities. 
Once communities are back on their feet, we work with them to help ensure that they are better prepared should another disaster strike.
World Vision is an international aid organisation and works alongside refugee communities around the world. Depending on the situation and need, World Vision distribute food, blankets, hygiene kits, winterisation kits, as well as provide clean water, medical care, education and psychological support for refugees who are often in vulnerable situations and facing extreme hardship.  
Having a disaster response fund ready to use, pre-positioning supplies like non-food items, and having staff prepared and trained to respond to emergencies is increasingly important to how we respond to disasters. The global pre-positioning resource network is our designated team that makes sure we’re prepared to respond rapidly to any disaster anywhere in the world. The team pre-positions the supplies and develops preparedness plans, programming standards, logistic assessments, and logistic plans. The supplies are ready to go in seven different warehouses that are strategically located all around the world. These relief supplies are ready for up to 225,000 beneficiaries at any time, ensuring that those affected by disasters will have emergency supplies distributed to them quickly and efficiently.

We also work with communities to help them be better prepared should disasters strike, through our disaster preparedness programmes.

We ensure all resources entrusted to us are used effectively to bring maximum impact.



As part of an international partnership working in nearly 100 countries, World Vision New Zealand pursues the highest standards of stewardship and accountability.

In 2020, 83.9% of World Vision New Zealand's total operating expenses were used for international program support that benefited children, families and communities in need. Learn more.