We believe in the power of a person’s voice. Its ability to do the impossible, battle inequality and call for justice.

When people in power understand the rights and needs of children, lives can be transformed. World Vision's 'It takes a world to end violence against children’ is a global movement of people committed to keeping children safe from all maltreatment, exploitation, harm or abuse.

children experience some form of abuse each year.
of the world’s refugees are children.
young New Zealand leaders attend the World Vision Leadership Conferences.

Our promise? To relentlessly advocate for an end to violence against children. To highlight it when it occurs and hold those responsible to account. To ensure the voices of the world’s most vulnerable children are heard loud and clear.

World Vision is advocating for lasting change

World Vision is advocating for lasting change

We want all children, everywhere, to live in safety and dignity. 
World Vision advocates to governments, political representatives and policy officials for action that makes life better for millions of children. In New Zealand, we speak up for children affected by family violence, child labour, early marriage, armed conflict and climate change.

Through our advocacy and campaigns work we seek to mobilise and harness voices across the world to call for what is right, what is fair and what is just. Add your voice to ours and together we can transform children’s lives.

Our voice is grounded in robust research and evidence from the field. We achieve change through direct conversations with politicians, media work and ordinary Kiwis taking action with us. Experience tells us that when we speak as one, leaders listen. Keen to find out more? Email us and we’ll help you be a change-maker. 

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