Kids Off Nauru

People from across the world have called on the Australian Government to get the #KidsOffNauru

Photograph Source: Remi Chauvin for The Guardian

No child should be locked up or held indefinitely in detention, yet there are still 17 children that remain on Nauru and are not allowed to leave.

Thank you for joining the call to get the Kids off Nauru

Thank you for joining the call to get the Kids off Nauru
With your help we have seen some movement in Australia towards a resolution for the children detained on the island of Nauru; however, there is yet to be a final decision for the fate of these children.

The Australian Government has made some small indications that all asylum seeking children will be taken off the island by the end of the year due to extreme health concerns, but there has been no final agreement on this.

At World Vision we believe every child has the right to fulfil their potential in life so we will continue to advocate for these children until they have all been taken off the island.  


In July and August 2013, the Australian government introduced a policy that any asylum seeker arriving to Australia by boat would be sent to Nauru or Manus Island for processing. If found to be a refugee, they would be settled in a country other than Australia. The policies have received sustained criticism for their profound violations of human rights. The conditions in which the refugees and asylum seekers are living are sub-standard and they lack access to adequate healthcare, education, and protection from sexual and physical abuse.  
In 2016, more than 1,000 leaked incident reports involving children were reported by The Guardian that showed the harrowing conditions they were faced with daily. Children have grown up surrounded by fences and security guards, with few safe and child-friendly places to play. These circumstances have profound negative impacts on the mental and emotional health and growth of children. They are being robbed of a childhood and a future.
The #KidsOffNauru campaign is calling to free all children detained and locked up in Nauru. New Zealand should immediately resettle all 119 children and their families as part of an emergency refugee intake by Universal Children’s day on the 20th November 2018. Children have a right to a safe and secure future, where they can be cared for, protected, and free to live life in all its fullness. 
This campaign has been initiated by World Vision and is a platform for everyone to stand up for the children detained on Nauru. 
The previous US administration offered to welcome refugees from Nauru and Manus Island as part of a deal with Australia. However, we know this deal is not a solution for everyone on Nauru, and it’s not happening fast enough. The US Government has new restrictions about which nationalities it will accept as refugees. Many of the 119 children and their families remaining on Nauru have no hope for resettlement in the US due to these new restrictions. These children need to be moved with their families urgently to New Zealand, so they can access support and re-build their lives in dignity.