Child Protection

We do everything we can to ensure children live a life free from violence and exploitation.

Every child should be protected from harm, yet children are being exploited every day. Millions are trapped by violence, war, child labour, and sex trafficking.

World Vision works to keep children safe from violence and exploitation

World Vision works to keep children safe from violence and exploitation
We’re protecting children wherever they are vulnerable. Whether they're living on the streets, in refugee camps, or in their homes. 

Crime prevention against child slavery and child sex trafficking: working in partnership with local hospitals, schools, community leaders, faith communities, and law enforcement agencies to ensure that child protection is a priority.

Reduction in the incidence of early marriage: Partnering with communities to break down ingrained beliefs and unequal systems that force women and girls into early marriage.

Child Friendly Spaces: In places affected by crisis or conflict — where the child's right to feel safe, to learn and to play come under threat. World Vision's Child Friendly Spaces provide a safe place for vulnerable children. Each are designed to address children's specific needs depending on the crisis situation. 
children are trafficked each year. More than two-thirds are girls.
girls are married each year before they reach 18.
children are in child labour around the world.
Together, we can keep children safe from violence and exploitation