Child Protection

We work with communities to prevent abuse, exploitation and other violence against children. But where it does occur, we work to restore children who have been harmed.
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Every child should be protected from harm, yet children are being exploited every day. Millions are trapped by violence, war, child labour, and sex trafficking.

Keeping children safe from violence and exploitation

Keeping children safe from violence and exploitation

Crime prevention against child slavery and child sex trafficking: working in partnership with local hospitals, schools, community leaders, faith communities, and law enforcement agencies to ensure that child protection is a priority.

Reduction in the incidence of early marriage: Partnering with communities to break down ingrained beliefs and unequal systems that force women and girls into early marriage.

Child Friendly Spaces: In places affected by crisis or conflict — where the child's right to feel safe, to learn and to play come under threat. World Vision's Child Friendly Spaces provide a safe place for vulnerable children. Each are designed to address children's specific needs depending on the crisis situation. 

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$85 to provide support for survivors of abuse and exploitation
This gift helps restore the hope and dignity of street kids, and women and kids who've suffered abuse or exploitation by providing counselling, education and support.


$40 to support children's clubs
Children’s clubs are safe spaces for kids to seek guidance and voice their concerns over difficult issues such as child marriages. This is one gift that has a far-reaching impact and the power to shape lives positively.


$840 to help protect a community from covid-19
You'll give 5 families Hygiene Kits, set up 3 public Handwashing Stations, train 2 Community Health Workers and provide 2 medical workers with Personal Protective Equipment kits.


$80 to give the best start
You can give babies the best start in life. With this life-changing bundle, you'll Help a Child Get Immunised, Keep Mum and Bubs Healthy with supplements and nutrition training and provide Clean Water for a Child.

We’re protecting children wherever they are vulnerable. Whether they're living on the streets, in refugee camps, or in their homes.



We are protecting the vulnerable in Asia
Child marriage, child labour, and trafficking are some of the biggest issues facing girls in Asia. One in nine girls will marry before they turn 15, and millions of children are being trafficked into sex exploitation and forced to work each year.

These issues have devastating consequences for girls. It affects their health, interrupts their education, and prevents them from reaching their potential. It robs them of their dignity, their rights, their future and, too often, their lives.

Exploitation of girls is complex and can be caused by a range of issues such as harmful traditions, poverty, and weak protection services and laws.

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Child protection in Africa
Millions of children in Africa have been displaced due to conflict, or trapped through child labour and trafficking. 

When children experience violence, it impacts their social, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual development. This puts their future health and education at risk. 

We work to protect children, especially those who are most vulnerable through separation from family, war or trafficking and empower them with skills for resilience, access to quality healthcare and education. 

By protecting the vulnerable, we are making a significant impact on reducing child slavery and trafficking in Africa.

Learn more about our work in Africa.

You can keep children safe from violence and exploitation.