Child Protection

We believe every child deserves to be protected from violence, live a full life, and have the chance to become who God created them to be.
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Keeping children safe from violence and exploitation.


Child-Friendly Spaces
When emergencies strike, children are most at risk of exploitation and abuse. Access to a Child-Friendly Space, where they can feel safe, secure and can enjoy childhood activities to regain a sense of regularity, is essential for their health and development.

Ending child marriage
We're working to end child marriage. We're partnering with communities to tackle the root causes of poverty that drive child marriage and breaking down ingrained beliefs and unequal systems that force girls into early marriage.

Preventing exploitation
We're combating some of the most destructive and evil violations of children's rights. We work with communities to prevent all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation against children, such as human trafficking, slavery, child marriage and child labour. 


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$80 to give the best start
You can give babies the best start in life. With this life-changing bundle, you'll Help a Child Get Immunised, Keep Mum and Bubs Healthy with supplements and nutrition training and provide Clean Water for a Child.


$100 to kit out an emergency shelter
Your gift will be a beacon of hope for a family. You will kit out their emergency shelter with essentials like towels, hygiene items and cooking materials and practical help when it's needed most.


$750 to kit out a classroom
In the fight against poverty, education is the principal means to a better life – especially for girls. With this gift, you can help kids to build a brighter future. You’ll support kids to succeed at school by kitting out their classroom.


$4,250 to provide a safe-haven for children
You can give children caught in a crisis a place to feel safe again. You'll provide a nurturing space in a refugee camp or other emergency setting, where kids can play, sleep, learn and find support.

We believe that a world without violence against children is possible.

World Vision engages all those who have a responsibility to protect children, from families, faith communities and care providers, to local and government officials. Interventions focus on improving laws and accountability, increasing social services and supports, catalysing behaviour and attitude change, and strengthening child resilience. We don't just work to keep children free from dangerous situations, but also to counteract the poverty and social stigma that often lead to atrocities against children such as violence, abuse and exploitation.


Empowering children
We empower children with the skills and knowledge to protect themselves and each other. We teach children about their rights, how to keep themselves safe, and how to make their communities and schools safer for all, especially the most vulnerable.

Strengthening families
We strengthen families and caregivers to be the first line of protection and care for children. We support parents and caregivers through social support networks, economic and social assistance and equipping them with positive parenting skills.

Mobilising communities
We help communities build a safety net of people to protect children, prevent harm, and ensure those who are harmed receive help they need to recover. Our programmes work to strengthen the laws, norms and circles of care that keep children safe.

We're protecting children wherever they are vulnerable.



The Pacific region has some of the highest rates of violence against women and children in the world. The home is often the most dangerous place, and many live in daily fear of violence.

With your support, we are working to tackle the root causes of violence by supporting church and community leaders to raise awareness about gender equality, non-violence and the need to protect people who have been victims of violence.

Learn more about our work supporting the Pacific.


Child marriage, child labour, and trafficking are some of the most significant issues facing girls in Asia. This type of exploitation has devastating consequences for girls. It robs them of their dignity, their rights, their future and, too often, their lives. 

Together with your support, we are working with families and communities to break down ingrained beliefs and unequal systems that force women and girls into early marriage.

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Millions of children in Africa have been displaced by conflict or exploited through child labour and trafficking; devastatingly impacting their emotional, physical and spiritual development.

With your support, we work to protect children, especially those who are most vulnerable through separation from family, war or trafficking. We empower them with skills for resilience, access to quality healthcare and education. 

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You can keep children safe from violence and exploitation.

Every $1 you donate will provide $6 of urgent life-changing support to children whose lives are on the line, thanks to our partnerships with other organisations.


At just 11-years old Amai was forced to marry.

She managed to run-away, escaping the destructive violence of her early marriage. Thanks to your support, Amai is now safely on the road to recovery. A World Vision social worker has been helping Amai with psychosocial support, and she regularly attends a Child-Friendly Space and life skills classes. She says she feels much better.

*Name changed to protect her identity