Smiles Gifts

When you purchase a Smiles gift you are making a life-changing difference to families in need.

How do Smiles Gifts work?

How do Smiles Gifts work?
1.    Choose a meaningful gift.

2.    Choose to send an ecard or printed card. We’ll send your chosen card with your message inside and the impact your generous gift is making.

3.    Smile knowing the gift you’ve given will make a difference to the people in need. 

How your Smiles Gift transforms lives

How your Smiles Gift transforms lives
Each Smiles gift represents an area of World Vision’s work. For example, by giving a goat, support for farmers, or helping a woman start a business, you’re supporting our family income and food security work – which goes towards this life-changing work and other programming we do in this sector.

By pooling our gifts into our areas of work, donations have the most impact they can, going where a community needs them most.


When you buy a Smiles gift, you’re actually giving a gift that symbolises important development work in specific sectors such as agriculture, health, water, and sanitation. For example, if you give a pig, you’re giving a donation to a community’s agricultural and farming projects. If you build a toilet, you’re contributing to a community’s health projects. After decades of experience, World Vision has found this is the most effective way to really help a community and be sure funds go where they are most needed within sectors. 
For a limited time only, when you purchase a Smiles gift you will go in the draw to win a Linden Leaves body oil and shower gel pack or a $200 Overland voucher.

Entry is automatic to anyone who purchases a Smiles gift. The competition runs from 4 April 2018 to 14 May 2018. See the full terms and conditions for the competition.
No, sorry. The gifts featured in this year's gift catalogue represent the current needs of the families and communities with whom we work.
They are a special compilation of gifts that can make a huge difference to communities in need. The gifts represent our work in developing communities around the world.
We don't try and send individual gifts overseas. It is best for the community to source locally, and many gifts involve training and support. Each Smiles gift you buy symbolically represents an area of need or sector. By pooling your donation into these sectors, we can tailor your support to where a community needs it most.

If you buy a pig or training for a farmer, for example, your contribution will go towards our agriculture and income work to help communities grow food for families and build an income for their families – including pigs and farmer training! Or if you provide clean water or build a toilet, you'll be contributing to our work to help communities gain access to basic healthcare, water and sanitation. 
If the number of gifts purchased in a particular sector exceeds the need, we will use the excess funds in another sector that needs it the most.
The prices vary according to the costs associated with the type of programme or activity each gift represents. Where possible, we will purchase the items required for our work from within the local country to support local economies.
Smiles gifts represent our current activities carried out in our relief and community development projects. The prices reflect the costs involved in providing children and families with so much more than just a simple gift. While these prices are generally indicative, because gifts are pooled, your contribution goes toward part of the cost. The costs reflect the implementation of real, life-altering change through each gift. This includes operational training, education, and on-going support.