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How it works


Pick a life-changing gift. Your gift helps families become self-sufficient by creating stronger, healthier communities where children can thrive.




Share the love. You can give your gift as a donation or choose a Printed Card or eCard for your loved one, explaining the impact of the gift you've bought in their honour. 


Time to Smile! Your gift made a lasting change for vulnerable children who need it the most. Learn more about how Smiles gifts change lives.

Your support of Smiles gifts has changed Nathan and his family's lives forever.

<br>Your support of Smiles gifts has changed Nathan and his family's lives forever.

Nathan (9), Zambia

Nathan's parents worked hard as day labourers, but they struggled to feed their family. Nathan and his six siblings would plead, "we're hungry, we're hungry; we want to eat." All they could do was try to sleep to make their hunger pangs go away.

Thanks to generous people like you, Nathan's family received a goat

"Before we got goats, the children had no milk and went to bed hungry. Now, they're healthy and go to school," says his dad Diyo.

When you buy a Smiles gift, you're not only giving a meaningful present to someone you love; you're making a life-changing difference to kids and families in need.



How do Smiles gifts work?
Each Smiles gift represents the life-changing work we are doing right now with communities. For example, if you give a pig, you’re giving a donation to a community’s agricultural and farming projects. If you build a toilet, you’re contributing to a community’s health projects.

Can I buy more than one Smiles gift at a time?
Yes, the more gifts you buy the greater impact your donation will make. When you choose a gift by selecting the ‘add’ button, simply do this for each of the gifts you would like to purchase, before selecting ‘Next’. You can add another gift onto your order any time before you select ‘Confirm’.

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