When you give a Smiles gift to someone, you’re also making a life-changing difference to families in need.
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Buy a Smiles gift to help create stronger, healthier communities where children can thrive.

Give gifts in the name of your loved ones and send them a FREE personalised Smiles gift card.

Every gift goes to help those who need it most. Thank you for sharing the love and giving hope today!



How do Smiles gifts work?

Each Smiles gift represents the life-changing work we are doing right now with communities. For example, if you give a pig, you’re giving a donation to a community’s agricultural and farming projects. If you build a toilet, you’re contributing to a community’s health projects.

Can I buy more than one Smiles gift at a time?

Yes, the more gifts you buy the greater impact your donation will make. When you choose a gift by selecting the ‘add’ button, simply do this for each of the gifts you would like to purchase, before selecting ‘Next’. You can add another gift onto your order any time before you select ‘Confirm’.

How long will the eCard’s take to arrive?

You can select the delivery date for your eCard to be sent to the recipient, if you would like the eCard to be delivered on the same day please allow up to 2 hours for the eCard to arrive.

Can I send my Smiles gift overseas?

Yes, eCard’s can be received both in New Zealand and overseas. For Printed cards we use NZ Post services, they have a delivery target of 3-10 working days. When entering the address, you will need to select ‘Manually enter address’ and ensure all the fields are entered correctly.