Family Income

Our world-class income-generating programmes lift millions of people out of poverty every year.

More than 2.2 billion people worldwide are living on less than NZ$2.50 a day.

people work but don’t earn enough to escape poverty
loan creates nine jobs on average, so whole communities benefit from local economic growth
of our hardworking entrepreneurs are women

We help strengthen families’ capacity to provide well for their children through innovation and strong business principles. We help entrepreneurs with skills training, business coaching and loans. We help farmers increase their productivity and access new markets.

World Vision is on the ground delivering:

World Vision is on the ground delivering: <br><br>
Income-generating programmes: assisting with education and skills training, business coaching and small business loans. These activities enable communities to generate and manage savings and loans on a small scale and in a sustainable way, enabling communities to plan ahead and invest in their future.

Microfinance through savings groups: we work to set up and train community member saving groups to save money on a regular basis. These groups of 15 to 25 members meet weekly to put money into a joint savings account, and they can take turns borrowing money which provides the opportunity to enable them to start or grow a business.
Improved farmland productivity: by training farmers in climate-smart agriculture practices including planting drought-tolerant crops, intercropping, and storing seeds and surplus stock which can be sold for further income - lifting the economic well-being of individual households.

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You can lift children and their families out of poverty