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This corner of the Pacific isn’t the paradise you see on postcards.

World Vision is providing emergency relief in PNG

World Vision is providing emergency relief in PNG
On 26th February Papua New Guinea (PNG) was rocked by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake causing over 100 fatalities and hundreds more are injured.
Over 270,000 people need assistance in remote areas plagued by dangerous landslides. Water and food sources have been destroyed and many health facilities have been damaged beyond repair. 

We're working with our partners providing emergency water and sanitation to those in the Southern Highlands. We're also repairing health clinics and schools and working to provide an ongoing source of clean water supply.

Photo credit: ABC news. Families shelter in a makeshift tent in Pimaga, PNG, after their homes were damaged or destroyed by recent earthquakes. 

PNG Earthquake
Over 270,000 people require immediate aid. Help us reach those in need and support our important work in the Pacific.

Across Melanesia one in four families live below the poverty line. They lack access to education, have alarming health indicators, and their homes are incredibly vulnerable to natural disasters. Melanesian countries are amongst the poorest in the world.

of women in the Solomon Islands do not speak out about domestic violence
people in Papua New Guinea do not have access to clean drinking water
of childhood disease is related to unclean water and lack of sanitation.

The Pacific is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters and poverty due in part to climate change. We work across the Pacific to improve access to education and health care, build resilience to climate change and natural disasters, and develop economic opportunities for remote communities.

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