Every day, our trained health workers are saving lives in hard-to-reach communities around the world.

Every child deserves a chance. But still too many children die needlessly from preventable causes like diarrhoea, malaria, measles and neo-natal issues.

children under five die from preventable causes every day.
people vaccinated against polio in the last five years.
community health workers are supported by World Vision globally.

We provide proven, cost-effective health and nutrition interventions to improve the lives of women and children. We work with communities to protect children and their families from infection and disease. We ensure the most vulnerable have access to healthcare services. Put simply, we save lives.

World Vision is on the ground delivering:

World Vision is on the ground delivering:
Empowerment to families: through education and lasting behavioural change to champion positive attitudes and behaviours towards preventative health practices, good habits and the eradication of culturally-embedded stigma surrounding diseases like HIV.

Technology leverage: to boost health and nutrition outcomes, providing distance learning, collecting data, and connecting communities with healthcare workers.

Life-saving support: in partnership with government authorities & other partner agencies extending reach and impact of response during emergencies and situations of food insecurity, or when healthcare access is limited.
You can provide life-saving healthcare to children who need it most