We provide proven, cost-effective health and nutrition interventions to improve the lives of children.
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Ensuring the most vulnerable have access to healthcare.


Improving maternal health
We support new and expectant mothers with education about breastfeeding, birth preparedness and healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy, along with access to maternal health services, supplements and nutrition training. 

Train community health workers
We equip and train community members, often volunteers, to work as community health workers. They visit vulnerable families in places with limited access to healthcare, providing emergency frontline care and life-saving interventions. 

Empowering families
We work with families and communities to create lasting behavioural change. We educate and champion positive attitudes and behaviours towards preventative health practices and the eradication of harmful stigma surrounding diseases like HIV.


Give the gift of Healthcare!


$10 to help immunise a child
You can improve a precious child’s health, lifespan and quality of life. This gift enables kids in some of the world’s most remote regions to be immunised against diseases that rob them of health, education and even their lives.


$30 to help keep mums and bubs healthy
Wouldn’t it be womb-derful if every baby enjoyed good health? Help new and expectant mums raise bright, bouncing bubs, with this gift of health supplements and nutrition training.


$65 to train a community health worker
Inject much-needed healthcare and help save lives with this sick gift. You’ll help community health workers get the skills they need to treat local kids and their families.


$85 to buy a personal protective equipment kit for a medical worker
You can safeguard a health worker against COVID-19 by giving them vital personal protective equipment such as masks, face shields, disinfectants, sanitiser, boots and aprons.

We work with communities to protect children and their families from infection and disease and provide access to essential health services to help children and their families live long and healthy lives.



Many of the communities in the Pacific are on remote and isolated islands, making it very difficult for many families to reach healthcare centres.

With your support, we're working with communities to bring healthcare services closer, by training locals about healthcare, sanitation and nutrition, and partnering with local health centres to raise awareness.

Learn more about our work supporting the Pacific.


For women and children in Asia, surviving childbirth, and the first five years of life is challenging. In this part of the world, the maternal death rate is significantly higher than in developing countries. 

Thanks to you, we're working with communities to turn this reality around, by getting essential medicines, nutritional support and education to mums and their communities.

Learn more about our work in Asia.


Less than half of people in Africa have access to healthcare facilities, and many healthcare professionals don't have adequate resources or tools to provide high-quality care.

We're working together with communities to immunise children and ensure diseases like malaria and diarrhoea are treated quickly, by training locals in hygiene, health and nutrition.

Learn more about our work in Africa.

You can provide life-saving healthcare to children who need it most.


Gertrude can now provide for her own family while working as a village health worker. She is responsible for more than 160 households in her community, helping to reduce disease and malnutrition rates.

Gertrude, with her 15-month-old daughter Progress.