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Change everything with clean water!
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It's simple: every child deserves clean water.

Every day, 800 tamariki die because of diseases related to dirty water. Together, we can change that!

Join Caleb Clarke and Johnny Tuivasa-Sheck in the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge and help change a child’s world with clean water. Every drop of action counts. Last year, we reached more than 100,000 people with clean water. This year, we can reach even more. Sign up now. This is our time.

Why clean water?

Why clean water?

It's hard to believe that in 2023, 1 in 5 kids worldwide still don't have enough clean water to get through the day. And with climate change making droughts worse, life for kids with limited clean water is getting even harder.

It looks like this: when your water is dirty, you have to drink it anyway. When there isn’t enough water, you can’t wash your hands to fight disease. When your water runs out, you have to miss school to find more. Which leaves you struggling to reach your dreams.

Right now, your World Vision 40 Hour Challenge is your chance to change a child's world with clean water. 40 hours? Challenge accepted!


Your mahi will help kids like Madalitso

Your mahi will help kids like Madalitso

Nine-year-old Madalitso in Malawi doesn’t have running water at home. Her closest water source is a well, but it’s not safe. “The water is bad. It has germs that make us sick,” says Madalitso.

But if she walks further in search of clean water, she has to miss school. “When I can’t go to school, my dreams of becoming a nurse fade away,” she says.

Clean water close to home would change everything. “We wouldn’t be late to school. We wouldn’t suffer from sickness. My parents would be able to work,” she says.

This is our time. Join the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge now to change everything with clean water for kids like Madalitso.

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