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Ka pai tō mahi. We're super pumped to announce that construction has just been completed on a new well in Madalitso's community! This means dirty water won't stop Madalitso and other kids from achieving their dreams.

Around the world, in rural villages and refugee camps, clean water is starting to flow. Whether you raised $10 or $1,000 it all counts. Thank you for your awesome energy and commitment to changing everything with clean water through your World Vision 40 Hour Challenge.

Ka ora te wai, ka ora te whenua, ka ora te whenua, ka ora te tāngata – With living water, the land will thrive. With living lands, the people will thrive.

You are incredible! Watch what you were part of...

You’ve helped change everything for kids who urgently need clean water. And it’s change that will last.

We can’t thank you enough for being part of the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge, but we made this highlights reel to try.

PSA: There's still time to bank your funds and call in any last-minute donations. With your help, we can reach even more kids with clean water. This is our time!

40 hours? Challenge accepted!

From spending 40 hours using only 40 litres of water to 40 acts of kindness, 40 hours in ball gowns, 40 sewn items, 400km cycling and a world record attempt, this year's World Vision 40 Hour Challenge was the most creative yet!

Below are some highlights and you can check out all the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge 2023 Award Winners here.

<h4>Tawa College</h4>

Tawa College

Tawa College hosted an epic survivor event, where students had to complete challenges to stay in the competition until only one remained.
<h4>Oratia District School</h4>

Oratia District School

Oratia District School held a fabulous catwalk disco with music mixed by one of their very own students.
<h4>Bayfield High School</h4>

Bayfield High School

Bayfield High School really got stuck in to their fundraising by holding a ‘Tape the Teacher’ event.
<h4>Verdon College</h4>

Verdon College

Verdon College did 400x40x4! They wrote 400 advocacy letters and learned 4 new skills, including crochet, chess, Te Reo Māori and NZ sign language.

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Bank your funds

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<h4>Congrats to the winners!</h4>

Congrats to the winners!

These awards recognise your compassion and creativity in the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge.

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Got a question?

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