How to do the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge

<center><h4><a href="">Sign up</a></h4></center>

Sign up

Create your online fundraising page here, or sign up in person with your school or youth group. Learn more about the cause so you know where your money is going and set a goal amount to raise.

<center><h4>Choose your challenge</h4></center>

Choose your challenge

Could you plant 40 trees in 40 hours, or last 40 hours with no tech? Spend 40 hours outdoors, or go 40 hours without a car? Or you can create your own challenge - the sky's the limit. If you're stuck, here are some more Challenge Ideas. Follow us on social @40hournz.

<center><h4>Start fundraising</h4></center>

Start fundraising

Every dollar makes a difference. Let your friends, family, coaches, boss, neighbours, team mates, or long lost cousin know you're doing the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge. Share the link to your online fundraising page so they can support you with a simple click. Check out these tips to help you smash your fundraising goal.

<center><h4>Complete your<br>40 Hour Challenge</h4></center>

Complete your
40 Hour Challenge

You’ve made it to the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge weekend (21–23 June). Together, we can regreen our future! Thanks so much for all your hard mahi. Now go for it, enjoy the weekend and good luck with your challenge.

We've got everything you need for the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge.

<h4>What are you waiting for?</h4>

What are you waiting for?

Join the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge and together, we can regreen our future.

<h4>Check out the competition!</h4>

Check out the competition!

Check our leaderboards to see how your World Vision 40 Hour Challenge fundraising stacks up.

<h4>Tools to promote your cause</h4>

Tools to promote your cause

This is where you find the goods – loads of resources to ensure your fundraising is a success.

<h4>Got a question?</h4>

Got a question?

Our FAQs will be sure to answer all your questions and kick start your fundraising.

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