World Vision 40 Hour Challenge

Join the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge |16–18 June.

Change a child’s world with nutritious food!

It's simple: every child deserves to grow healthy and strong.

In Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands, almost one-third of kids under 5 suffer from stunting, caused by chronic malnutrition. Together, we can change that!

Join Caleb Clarke and Johnny Tulvasa-Sheck in the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge and help change a child’s world with nutritious food. You can help a child grow healthy and become all they were made to be. Saint Kentigern has stepped up to fight poverty and injustice in the Pacific. Last year, we reached more than 3,000 people with the skills to fight malnutrition and care for their children. This year, we can reach even more. Sign up now.

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Why nutritious food?

Why nutritious food?

In March, tropical cyclones Judy and Kevin tore through Vanuatu, flattening homes and schools, and destroying food supplies.

Kids in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands were already suffering from chronic malnutrition. Now they’re trying to survive climate change, the fall-out of COVID-19 and the global impact of the war in Ukraine.

The World Health Organisation recommends kids eat from four food groups per day. But right now, more than 90% of kids in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands eat from just two. Your World Vision 40 Hour Challenge is your chance to change a child's world with nutritious food.

40 hours? Challenge accepted! Sign up now!

Be the first to donate to your fundraising page, then spread the word. Every cent you raise will help protect kids threatened by the hunger crisis.


$40 can provide a nutrition kit to promote a balanced and diverse diet.


$76 can set up a farmer with seeds, tools and a handbook on agricultural techniques.


$240 can help start a school nutrition garden so students can learn about gardening and healthy nutrition.


$1370 can provide a community with the resources and training they need to save and invest in their future.

We've got everything you need for the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge | 16-18 June.

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Your ultimate guide

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