40 Hour Famine 2019

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7th - 9th June 2019

You’re awesome Aotearoa! You dared to believe that change is possible. And you are right. On behalf of the children of South Sudan, we can’t thank you enough!

You stood united with the children of South Sudan

You stood united with the children of South Sudan

The 2018 40 Hour Famine saw 90,000 young New Zealanders stand united for the children of South Sudan. Collectively, more than $1.8 million was raised by enthusiastic Kiwis who organised everything from bake sales to giving up food or technology for the weekend, and you were amazing!

Over the past six months, our team in Uganda has been busy putting the money raised to use providing children with:

Clean water and food.

A chance to continue their education and play at our Child Friendly Spaces.

Care workers for children who arrived in Uganda from South Sudan without their parents.

Like us, you believe change is possible!
It was incredible what we were able to achieve in the 2018 40 Hour Famine, but it's not over yet.
Save the date 7th-9th June 2019.