World Vision
40 Hour Famine

You did it! Your hard work is already bringing clean water to kids in the world's toughest places.

You helped change everything with clean water!

You should feel so proud. Because of your hard mahi, you've already reached thousands of kids and families with clean water. Whether you raised $10 or $1,000 it all counts. It means dirty water won't stop kids like Prisca and Flora from achieving their dreams. Construction of a new well in their community is starting soon!

We can't thank you enough for stepping up to lead change. For showing love for our neighbours around the world by bringing them emergency water and long-term wells. In refugee camps and villages, life-changing water is starting to flow – and it's all because of you.


You've changed everything for Pemphero and her community in Malawi.

You've changed everything for Pemphero and her community in Malawi.

Thanks to your efforts to smash the World Vision 40 Hour Famine, 13-year-old Pemphero has a new well in her village. For the first time, 52 local families have clean, safe water close to home.

“My life at home and school has improved so much because of this well,” says Pemphero. “No more missing classes because dirty water makes us sick. No more being late for school because we have to walk so far to fetch swamp water. We have safe water available in our village and we're grateful to you for making our lives so much better.”

Pemphero’s mum Edna is full of joy. “Children now feel safe and can’t wait to take a trip to the pump and draw water. Fetching water is something they’re excited about, instead of it being a threat to their education and their lives. We’re so grateful!”

<h4>in Malawi have been trained to keep clean water flowing.</h4>

in Malawi have been trained to keep clean water flowing.

You’ve already helped train 3,441 people in Malawi with the skills and knowledge to keep clean water flowing for years to come! Because of you, communities can stop dirty water making their kids sick.

<h4>in Syrian refugee camps have safe water to drink.</h4>

in Syrian refugee camps have safe water to drink.

So far, you've helped provide emergency water to a massive 66,750 people in Syrian refugee camps. Thanks to you, children and families searching for safety now have safe water to drink.

Thank you Aotearoa!

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Your ultimate guide

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Make it count!

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