Thank you for raising a life-changing $1.1 million for children in Malawi.

Your funds have already started benefiting people in Malawi, which is amazing, and there is so much more to come!

Thanks to you and thousands of other young Kiwis like you, life-changing aid is reaching vulnerable communities who need it now more than ever.

In the middle of a global pandemic, you rallied together to fight against hunger and injustice in Malawi. You proved that when we act together, incredible things happen. You stepped up to the challenge, fundraised online, held virtual events and countless Zoom meetings to raise over $1.1 million for children in Malawi.

Right now, families in Malawi are receiving the tools and training they need to build resilient and sustainable farming to reduce the impact of climate change – and it's all because of you!

You're supporting climate-vulnerable communities in Malawi.

The money you've raised so far is supporting families to be more resilient and feel safer with a steady income. You are helping families to be better prepared for any disasters, including the added pressures of COVID-19. Thanks to your support, families are now planting seeds that survive through the dry conditions Malawi experiences every year. You've made it possible for farmers to receive extra training to learn how to get the most from their crops. A bigger crop means more food to eat, plus extra to sell. Extra income means their children can go to school.

Prisca and her mum Christine work together in their fields.

So far, your fundraising has provided families like Prisca's with drought-resistant seeds. These small seeds make a big difference. Each seed uses less water to grow and can withstand the harsh, dry Malawi climate. Drought-resistant seeds provide families with enough food and a secure income. 

Prisca and her mum Christine work together in their fields and have experienced extreme hunger from a bad crop. Not only did that leave their family with nothing to eat, it meant they had nothing to sell and no money to buy seeds for the next year's harvest. 

Your fundraising has delivered more than seeds; it has given peace of mind to families. Families, like Prisca's, can now feel prepared and confident, knowing they have the essentials needed to survive through and recover from natural disasters. 

Mary and one of her children with her flourishing crops.

Your fundraising gives families an income, food and education.

Thanks to donations from people like you, Mary now has a treadle pump which means she can water an area twice the size and farm even more crops.

With Mary growing more crops, her husband is busy selling them in the market. With a steady income, the family use this money to support their three children and ensure they get to go to school every day.

Mary is just one of 767 households who are directly benefiting from treadle pumps so far, and together these farmers have 2,682 children.    

Every cent you raised is making a life-changing difference for the world's most vulnerable children. 

Grace can provide for her family with these goats.

Your dollars go further than you might think. Thanks to you, 200 families are already of the goat-pass-on scheme, with many more to join - the gift that keeps on giving! 

A goat not only provides nutritious milk, but families can also use the manure for fertiliser on their crops or sell a goat to buy food and supplies for their home. 

Grace is a mum of four, and her 12 goats help her put food on the table and keep her children in school. Grace was able to use the money she made from selling 5 of her goats to purchase land and build a house. These goats have made a life-changing difference for Grace's family. 

You've given families the chance to build a brighter future for themselves, and to be better prepared for unexpected disasters like COVID-19. 

Congratulations to our 2020 Award Winners!

<br><br>Congratulations to our 2020 Award Winners!

Ray Spence, Bayfield High School

A big congratulations to our 2020 World Vision 40 Hour Famine award winners! 

Despite the challenges posed by a global pandemic, everyone who participated in the 2020 40 Hour Famine did an amazing job. These awards recognise schools and individuals that showed incredible compassion, drive and creativity in their efforts to fight hunger and injustice in Malawi.

This year was a special one for award recipient Ray Spence, of Bayfield High School, who commemorated 40 years of organising the World Vision 40 Hour Famine! We celebrated with him and Bayfield High School in Dunedin to present him with the Outstanding World Vision 40 Hour Famine Organiser Award.

Check out the full list of 2020 award winners.

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