We believe you are powerful. We see you’re unstoppable. We know you’re a generation that shows the world change is possible.
So, this time you write the rules!

Last year, as a movement of young people across Aotearoa, we stood united with the South Sudanese children seeking refuge in Uganda. We dared to believe change was possible. And we were right!

This year, the 40 Hour Famine will continue to support the children of South Sudan seeking refuge in Uganda, by providing essentials like food and clean water as well as emotional and educational support.

Forget what’s been done before. Your imagination is the only limit – whatever idea you have to raise money this year, go for it. From giving up food or your phone, to living out of a backpack, or running a bake sale, no idea is a bad idea.

The 40 Hour Famine belongs to you

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Thanks to your support of the 2018 40 Hour Famine, the refugee children of South Sudan can have a chance for a better future. 

The funds raised have helped to provide safe learning environments for young people who had been forced to flee war in South Sudan. 

These child-friendly spaces provide: an opportunity for young people to continue their education; access to arts, music and sports, so they can be kids again; psycho-social support to help them recover from the trauma of war; and a chance to learn about their rights at home and in the community.

We have the power to help change young lives affected by conflict, drought and famine.
We’re a generation that shows the world change is possible.

What's happening in South Sudan?

What's happening in South Sudan?

South Sudan is the most fragile state in the world. Armed conflict has been ongoing since 2013, despite the signing of a peace agreement in September 2018. 

More than four million South Sudanese people have been forced from their homes and have fled for their lives; either to other parts of the country or across the border.

Uganda has an open border policy for refugees, and on average 650 people cross the border from South Sudan every day. Uganda now hosts more than one million refugees, 61% are children. They have travelled long distances, many without their parents or families. The things they’ve seen and experienced are hard to imagine and even harder to forget. 

Peace in South Sudan is desperately needed if this refugee crisis is to end. 

Meet our 2019 40 Hour Famine Ambassadors

Meet our 2019 40 Hour Famine Ambassadors

Thanks to Sanitarium, three 40 Hour Famine Ambassadors had the chance to travel overseas to see our work in action.

Cam, Anika and Nadia visited Northern Uganda, where almost 790,000 South Sudanese refugees have fled to. They spent time experiencing life in a refugee settlement and understanding how difficult life is when you’ve fled home with nothing.

The 40 Hour Famine Ambassadors will be travelling across New Zealand in the lead up to the 40 Hour Famine, sharing their incredible experiences. If you would like to organise a classroom or assembly visit, get in touch with your Schools Partnership Manager, at schools@worldvision.org.nz.