Awesome work Aotearoa!

You stood united with thousands of other Kiwis this 40 Hour Famine to show your support for children fleeing conflict and famine in South Sudan.

The funds you raised are being used to support children and families in Northern Uganda with life-saving essentials like nutritious food and clean water, as well as a place to live, education and child-friendly spaces where kids can recover from the trauma of war.

You didn’t stop there! 

Hundreds of you took your 40 Hour Famine challenge one step further by using your voice to advocate for change to New Zealand's refugee policies.

World Vision Youth Advocates, Clench, Tessa and Cole, delivered your letters on New Zealand's refugee policies, directly to Parliament asking the Minister of Immigration, Iain Lees-Galloway to make it easier for refugees from Africa and the Middle East to find protection in New Zealand as soon as possible. 

The Minister received your letters, expressed gratefulness for our advocacy and acknowledged it is an important issue to discuss. He confirmed he wants to use New Zealand’s quota to help those who need it most, and that he is currently talking to Immigration NZ to see what can be done.

Provide life-saving essentials to families fleeing South Sudan today