Every day millions of girls are being exploited. Young girls who should be enjoying the freedom of childhood are instead being sold into prostitution, forced into child labour, and married against their will.

Child marriage, child labour, and trafficking are some of the biggest issues facing girls in Asia. One in nine girls will marry before they turn 15, and millions of children are being trafficked into sex exploitation and forced to work each year. Exploitation robs them of their dignity, their rights, their future and, too often, their lives. 

We believe this is unacceptable and that every girl deserves a childhood free from exploitation – to live, grow, and thrive as other children do.
In partnership with The New Zealand Herald, we are on a mission to transform the lives of girls facing exploitation in Asia by highlighting and sharing their stories. You can be part of the solution, together we can help end the exploitation of girls.
children are trafficked each year. More than two-thirds are girls.
girls are married each year before they reach 18.
children are in child labour around the world.

World Vision works with communities to protect girls from exploitation and ensures those who are harmed have the care they need.

We are committed to relentlessly advocating for an end to violence and exploitation of girls; hold those responsible to account, and to work with survivors to amplify their stories and voices.

We work alongside those who have a responsibility to protect children, starting with families and faith communities and extending to teachers, local and traditional leaders, hospitals, police, government agencies, and courts.

Together, we can work to protect even more girls and ensure they can live a life free from violence and exploitation.

Step inside a child brides world in our ground-breaking virtual reality film

Step inside a child brides world in our ground-breaking virtual reality film

In rural Nepal, a young girl reconnects with her best friend who has lost hope after her arranged marriage ended in abuse and abandonment.  

See first-hand the devastating impact of child marriage and child labour in our powerful and immersive film.

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