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Smiles gifts represent the life-changing work we are doing right now around the world.

So, when you give a goat, you’re really giving so much more – you’re contributing to projects that boost family income around the world. When you give towards training a teacher, you’re helping to run education programmes that allow millions of children to attend school every year.

We pool your donations into their relevant sector, so we can be sure families and communities are receiving exactly what they need most today to thrive.


Your Smiles gift creates instant and lasting change for vulnerable children who need it the most.

Agriculture & Income

Agriculture & Income

Providing families with opportunities to improve their livelihoods supports the whole community. When you buy a Chicken, Goat, Pig or Community Vege Garden. You are supporting the whole community to improve their livelihoods and support their families.
Education & Training

Education & Training

Education sets children up for success. When you buy a School Starter Kit, Train a Teacher or Help a Woman start a Business. You are supporting children's futures and ensuring their families can continue to send them to school with all their books and fees covered.
Water & Healthcare

Water & Healthcare

Access to safe water and healthcare is vital in keeping children healthy and securing their future. When you buy a School Toilet, a Girl's Essential Kit or Clean Water for a Community. You are ensuring that children grow up healthy and safe from preventable diseases. 

Smiles gifts make a real difference for mums like Joyce

Smiles gifts make a real difference for mums like Joyce

Loveness is an active, healthy 2-year-old, but not long ago she was very ill. Severe malnutrition meant her weight had dropped and she was regularly getting sick, to the point where she became too weak to stand. “I had never been so scared. I though it was the end of my daughter’s life,” her mother Joyce told us. 

Fortunately, Loveness was assessed and started on a nutrition programme. Joyce was also given support and training on the best nutrition for Loveness and how to grow and prepare meals. It has been life changing. 

“It makes me happy to see Loveness happy and healthy,” shares Joyce.

You can help make this difference for other children like Loveness with a Smiles gift to Keep Mums and Bubs Healthy.



From goats to vege gardens, clean water to books, each Smiles gift represents the life-changing work we are doing right now with communities. For example, if you give a pig, you’re giving a donation to a community’s agricultural and farming projects. If you build a toilet, you’re contributing to a community’s health projects. 

After decades of experience, World Vision has found this is the most effective way to really help a community and be sure funds go where they are most needed within sectors. 

When you order a printed Smiles gift card you can choose to have a personalised message printed inside the card, or if you would like to handwrite your message you can leave the 'message' section blank.

When you order a printed Smiles card you need to enter the card recipient details which are used to post the card to the recipient. These details (name and postal address) are not printed on the gift card. You can enter your own details if you would like the card posted to yourself.
Yes, the more gifts you buy the greater impact your donation will make. 

When you choose a gift by selecting the ‘add’ button, simply do this for each of the gifts you would like to purchase, before selecting ‘Next’. You can add another gift onto your order any time before you select ‘Confirm’.
Yes, you are able to select who receives each card, so you can enter the names of your loved ones, or your own name.
No, if you would like to buy a selection of eCard’s and Printed cards, you will need to complete separate transactions.
You can select the delivery date for your eCard to be sent to the recipient, if you would like the eCard to be delivered on the same day please allow up to 2 hours for the eCard to arrive.
Yes, eCard’s can be received both in New Zealand and overseas.

For Printed cards we use NZ Post services, they have a delivery target of 3-10 working days. When entering the address, you will need to select ‘Manually enter address’ and ensure all the fields are filled in correctly.

This year we have two Maasai gifts available with the Printed cards of selected Smiles gifts. Maasai gifts have been handcrafted by a World Vision trained Maasai women's business groups and are helping talented women support their families and give back to their communities.

Receive a free handcrafted angel ornament with the Smiles Gift - Help a Woman Start a Business. And receive a free handcrafted keyring with the Smiles Gift - Help a Girl get an Education

Please note: if you select an eCard or Donation Only, you will not receive the Maasai gift.

We don't send individual gifts overseas. It is best for the community to source locally, and many gifts involve training and support. 

By sourcing gifts locally we know we are providing crops and livestock that are best suited for the local climate and conditions. It also means we can boost a local economy.
Yes, If you purchase gifts from different sectors in the same transaction the amount for each gift will be assigned to the relevant sector of work.
As your donations are pooled into your gift sector we can be sure that each community is getting what they need most. We won’t simple give them hundreds of goats if that’s not the most beneficial livestock for them. We will source other livestock such as cows or chickens from the Agriculture and Income sector to best fit a community’s needs.
The prices vary according to the costs associated with the type of programme or activity each gift represents. Where possible, we will purchase the items required for our work from within the local country to support local economies.
Smiles gifts represent our current activities carried out in our relief and community development projects. The prices reflect the costs involved in providing children and families with so much more than just a simple gift. While these prices are generally indicative, because gifts are pooled, your contribution goes toward part of the cost. The costs reflect the implementation of real, life-altering change through each gift. This includes operational training, education, and on-going support. 
No, sorry. The gifts featured in this year's gift catalogue represent the current needs of the children, families and communities where we work.

We ensure all resources entrusted to us are used effectively to bring maximum impact.



As part of an international partnership working in nearly 100 countries, World Vision New Zealand pursues the highest standards of stewardship and accountability.

In 2019, 83.3% of World Vision New Zealand's total operating expenses were used for international program support that benefited children, families and communities in need. Learn more about our impact.