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Gifts that change lives

See the life-changing difference gifts have made for children and families in need.

The support of Health and Nutrition has made a real difference for mums like Joyce.

<br>  The support of Health and Nutrition has made a real difference for mums like Joyce.

Loveness (2), with mother Joyce, Zambia

Loveness is an active, healthy 2-year-old, but not long ago she was very ill. Severe malnutrition meant her weight had dropped and she was regularly getting sick, to the point where she became too weak to stand. "I had never been so scared. I thought it was the end of my daughter's life," her mother Joyce told us. 

Fortunately, Loveness was assessed and started on a nutrition programme. Joyce was also given support and training on the best nutrition for Loveness and how to grow and prepare meals. It has been life-changing. 

"It makes me happy to see Loveness happy and healthy," shares Joyce.

The life-changing magic of fast-growing seeds.

<br><br>The life-changing magic of fast-growing seeds.

Naomi (3), Zambia

Gifts have helped transform the lives of families like Naomi's in some of the world's toughest places.

A seasoned farmer, 3-year-old Naomi's dad, was left reeling after low rainfalls affected his crops so severely their family was able to eat only once or twice a day. 

A gift changed everything for Naomi's family. They received emergency food relief, along with fast growing seeds; cowpea and maize seeds which has transformed their livelihoods. 

Naomi and her siblings are now thriving and their family is set for the future as they look to sell their excess crops for profit. Thanks to people like you, they're looking to the future with hope, joy and full tummies – there is no fear in sight.

Nathan and his family's lives have been changed forever.

<br>Nathan and his family's lives have been changed forever.

Nathan (9), Zambia

Nathan's parents worked hard as day labourers, but they struggled to feed their family. Nathan and his six siblings would plead, "we're hungry, we're hungry; we want to eat." All they could do was try to sleep to make their hunger pangs go away.

Thanks to your support, Nathan's family received a goat

"Before we got goats, the children had no milk and went to bed hungry. Now, they're healthy and go to school," says his dad Diyo.

When you buy a gift, you're not only giving a meaningful present to someone you love; you're making a life-changing difference to kids and families in need.