Solomon Islands

Our partnership with the Solomon Islands started 30 years ago when we identified solutions to break the poverty cycle alongside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade New Zealand Aid Programme.

Solomon Islands
  • Population515,870
  • Villages1,000
  • Temp 28°C

Over 80 per cent of Solomon Islanders depend on fishing and subsistence agriculture for their livelihood. This exposes many communities to threats in the form of commodity price fluctuations, natural disasters, and the impacts of climate change. 

This beautiful part of the country is also some of the most remote with limited access to healthcare and education. Only 53 per cent of children in Malaita go to school, and of those that attend, only 20 per cent complete primary school. 

We are working with the people of East Malaita in building a community where children can thrive. Already we have achieved great things.