Timor Leste

More than 50% of children are malnourished in Timor Leste. We’ve been partnering with the people of Timor Leste and the New Zealand Aid Programme since 1995.

Timor Leste
  • Population1,269,000
  • Villages442
  • Temp 27°C
Drought and poor climate conditions render the people to Timor Leste unable to grow crops for several months every year. Coupled with a lack of diverse food and poor health access, malnutrition is often untreated and leaves lasting effects on children’s physical and mental development.

Other challenges include the degradation of forests and water from climate change, population growth, and intensive grazing. The country's struggles for independence destroyed most of the infrastructure and economy. Timor-Leste ranks 133 on the Human Development Index, placing it in the category of the least developed countries on earth.