Milly dreams of a brighter future for her children

Milly dreams of a brighter future for her children

Milly with her son Elvis (7) in Lalogi-Lakwana, Malawi

Milly believes her community can overcome the challenges children face, with your help.

Seven-year-old Elvis would love to be at school, learning with his friends.

But with six children to feed, his mother Milly can’t earn enough money to pay for all their school fees. Elvis has no choice but to stay at home.

Like many families in Lalogi-Lakwana, Milly depends on farming to earn an income. But she doesn’t own any land to cultivate. She has to work odd jobs, and when she earns enough, she rents land to plant soya and beans.

Still, she can’t always feed the family.

“At times, the harvest doesn’t come out well,” Milly says.

She believes that if she could be helped with farming tools and good seed varieties, her harvest would be much better.

“Even if we shared farming tools as a community, it would benefit us all,” says Milly.

Most importantly, she wants her children to have a brighter future. Milly believes they can, if she could pay for their school fees and they could finish school.

But school fees aren’t the only problem. There aren’t enough classrooms and desks for students at the local primary school to learn properly.

“At times, the children sit on the floor,” says Milly. “We need more benches in the classrooms.”

There is no clean, safe water close to home. They have to draw their water from an open well, which animals drink from too.

“Our water is not good. Children always complain of stomachaches. Cows, pigs and dogs all use the same source of water,” says Milly.

When the dirty water makes kids sick, it’s hard to get help. The nearest health clinic is more than 3 kilometres away, and it’s the only one in the area. The wait is always long. The few medical staff are often overwhelmed. Sometimes sick children just have to miss out on health care.

Right now, you’re helping to change that. Your kindness is reaching kids like Elvis and mums like Milly. Your love and care will help teach farmers in Lalogi-Lakwana new ways to grow more crops and earn more income to feed their families. You’ll also help start after-school reading clubs and train teachers to in new ways to help children learn to read. With you by their side, children like Elvis can build a brighter future. Thank you.