Cheru's pathway out of poverty

Cheru's pathway out of poverty

Each morning, 5-year-old Cheru would walk for nearly two hours to collect dirty water from a dry riverbed, often competing with thirsty goats and camels for what little water was there.

It's a very long way, and Cheru was too small to carry a bucket. Taking a small kettle, she filled it up using the lid, hoping that she would collect enough for the entire day so she didn't have to walk back again.

Cheru missed out on school to collect the dirty water and often got stomach pains and headaches.

Cheru's mother, Monica, would pray every day for clean water closer to their home, so Cheru could go to school and spend her days being a kid instead of carrying dirty water.

Now, at six-years old, Cheru is thriving. Thanks to the love and support of people just like you, Cheru's whole community now have access to clean, safe water.

Cheru's father, Samson, already sees a better future for his children. "We've had water for a month, and it's brought us great peace," he says. "We have time and energy for other things."

With access to clean water, Cheru is healthy, clean, and rested. She can now go to school every day.

Cheru's classes are now overflowing. Her teacher, John, has noticed that many more students like Cheru can come to school more regularly now. The new pipeline is bringing clean water to three primary schools in the community. John says that they're building new classrooms to accommodate the influx in attendance.

The three primary schools now have water tanks, handwashing stations, and toilets for boys and girls, including an accessible unit for children who are disabled.

It's the first year Cheru and her classmates have clean, plentiful water at school. They are also beginning to learn about hygiene and health. "Children who know and practice good hygiene are excellent advocates with their parents," says Clement, headteacher at a nearby Primary School.

"I love school," Cheru says. Writing and drawing are her favourite subjects.

With water close at hand, families can prioritize other critical areas in their lives: health, education, and income. Cheru's mother, Monica, is excited about their future. She wants to grow a vegetable garden and start a business selling clothes and sugar. Cheru dreams of becoming a doctor.

You can make a life-changing difference to the future of a child, just like Cheru. Sponsor a Child today, and you can protect children from disease with improved access to clean water and basic sanitation.