Education has the power to transform a child’s future, so every year we help millions of children go to school.

When children miss out on an education they’re at greater risk of being exploited. They are more likely to be trafficked, forced to work or get married young, and are less likely to earn enough to make a living, trapping them in a cycle of poverty. When children can read and write they can better advocate for their rights.

children are not in school, of which 53 per cent are girls.
higher wages are earned with each additional year of schooling.
youth worldwide lack basic literacy skills.

With your support, we’re improving basic literacy, numeracy and providing essential life skills. We’re providing safe learning spaces for refugee children who wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to go to school. Together, we’re giving children a chance to write their own futures.

World Vision is on the ground delivering:

World Vision is on the ground delivering: <br><br>
Education through partnership: Through strong partnerships with parents, local organisations, the private sector, and governments we ensure greater learning outcomes and opportunities to ensure  children are sent to school for years to come.

Access for all: Increasing access to equal and quality basic education, with special attention to girls and children with disabilities. 

Lifecyle approach to teaching:  World Vision uses a lifecycle approach in our programmes that focuses on the needs of children at all stages of development: early childhood, basic education, and adolescence and youth.

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You can transform a child's future