Meet Pasquela

Will you stand with Pasquela from Timor-Leste to fight the impacts of climate change?

Stand with Pasquela to fight the impacts of climate change.

Pasquela is one of many people in Timor-Leste already suffering the effects of climate change. Three years ago, she was studying at uni and her family had a thriving rice farm. Then a cyclone destroyed everything.

“Before, we harvested tons of rice from hard work, says Pasquela. "Then cyclone brought heavy rain and flooding. It destroyed our rice fields and everyone's irrigation." Her family's farm was damaged beyond repair.

It’s now a daily struggle for Pasquela’s parents to feed their children. And cyclones and droughts in Timor-Leste are only set to increase.

Losing their main source of income meant Pasquela's family could no longer afford school fees.

“I felt very sad when we couldn't continue going to school," says Pasquela, the oldest of four kids. "My siblings had to stop right in the middle of their schooling."

“I ask the people of New Zealand to help our community fight against climate change.”

Timor-Leste, where Pasquela lives, produces just 0.003% of global carbon emissions. But it's one of the countries most impacted by climate change. And rangatahi like Pasquela and her siblings are some of the worst affected.

We need to have their backs.

Sign up now to stand with Pasquela and help frontline communities fight the impacts of climate change. A solution is literally at our feet. 40 Hours? Challenge accepted!

Your hard mahi last year helped change everything for Madalitso!

Your hard mahi last year helped change everything for Madalitso!

The funds you raised through last year's World Vision 40 Hour Challenge brought life-changing clean water to tamariki in the worlds toughest places. That includes 9-year-old Madalitso in Malawi, whose village now has a new well!

“I am so happy World Vision came to help us with our water problem," says Madalitso. "Dirty water made our lives miserable. Now, my life is so good! I rarely get sick like before because we have clean water from the well. And that means I’m doing much better at school. I am really happy and so grateful."

Madalitso and 67 other families in her village now have clean, safe water close to home. Instead of dirty water robbing her of her future, Madalitso is in school and chasing her dream of becoming a nurse. Ka pai tō mahi!

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