You can still use a Sponsorship Book; however, online fundraising is the easiest way to raise funds and all of the info included in the sponsorship book can be found through our resources page.

If you sign up to fundraise online and are under 18 years old, we'll ask for your parent/guardian's email so we can let them know you've signed up.

If you're the organiser of a school or church team, we encourage you to use your standard parental/guardian consent process. We have a parental consent form that you could ask your parents to sign (optional), it also contains some information for your parents about how the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge works. 
We encourage all World Vision 40 Hour Challenge participants to create an online fundraising page. Once you have a fundraising page you can link up with your friends, church group or team, and send requests to friends and family to ask for their support. It’s a really great way to share your World Vision 40 Hour Challenge and fundraising goal with friends and family all around the country. 

If you’d like to door knock in your neighbourhood, then we recommend a parent or guardian joins you. 

We know it’s not always easy to ask for money, even when it’s for a great cause! Check out these resources for loads of fundraising ideas and tips.
Yes! It is easy to donate online through their fundraising page.

If you are not sure of the link, you can search for the fundraiser and follow the steps to donate with your credit or debit card. We will email you a tax receipt for all donations of $5 or more.