A choosing party is an empowering experience where children come together in their community and get to choose their sponsor.

At a choosing party, photos that sponsors have submitted are displayed, and children are invited to choose their sponsor from the selection of photos. After choosing, they write a letter to their sponsor, letting them know why they chose them.
Yes, each child chooses just one sponsor. For all World Vision child sponsorships, a child is matched with only one sponsor, creating a unique one-to-one relationship.
Yes, your new sponsored child will get your keep your photo. This is a wonderful way for them to start their friendship with you.
When you sign up to be chosen, you'll receive a series of emails keeping you updated on the process: when your photo arrives in the community, when the choosing party will happen, and when you'll find out about the child who chose you!

All sponsors will receive a special introduction to the child who chose them through email, as well as a special packet about the child and their community in the mail.