Nutritious Food

Every year, we provide more than nine million people with food assistance, including five million children.

Across the world hunger is a daily reality. Without the food they need to live and grow, millions of children are left with physical disabilities and learning difficulties.

Delivering proven, cost-effective nutrition programmes

Delivering proven, cost-effective nutrition programmes

Increasing agricultural productivity: through improved seeds and farming practices to ensure greater crop outputs and access to markets so farming families can profitably sell their surplus food. We’re also ensuring community resources are managed sustainably to protect the environment, maintain soil fertility and use water more efficiently.

Cooking classes: teaching families how to improve nutrition and dietary diversity with locally grown, fresh ingredients.

Emergency food: providing life-saving food aid to those impacted by conflict or long-term food shortages. Find out more about world class work with the UN World Food Programme.

We do all we can to ensure children and their families don’t go hungry. When children are malnourished, we provide emergency food. We also help keep children healthy and well-nourished for the long term.


Improving nutrition in the Pacific
Locking down a stable food supply in the Pacific isn’t always easy, with changing weather patterns, and unpredictable natural disasters.

When communities are unable to grow crops for a few months every year, don’t have diverse food, and poor access to healthcare, malnutrition is left untreated. In Vanuatu, almost 30 percent of the children under five are malnourished.

We’re building a more sustainable and resilient food supply with communities in the Pacific, through improved farming techniques. This helps not only for day-to-day meals, but also growing extra produce for farmers to sell at markets.

Learn more about our work supporting the Pacific.


Nutritious food in Asia
Two thirds of the population in Asia don't have enough food to live on, with more than 280 million undernourished people.

We know when children aren't getting the food they need to grow up physically and mentally strong, it's harder to fight off and recover from sickness, and to explore the world around them.

So we deliver food to the most vulnerable communities that urgently need it. We also address the problem at its root cause, and set up sustainable farming practices – not just for long-term food supply, but for produce to sell at markets too.

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We are helping parents feed their children healthy food in Africa
Approximately one in three people in Africa are undernourished, the highest ratio in the world.

Growing food to eat and sell is challenging – land is limited, irrigation is not readily available, and many crops can’t thrive in the climate.

We’re training farmers on irrigation-based techniques to build crop production, and explore other ways of earning money. As well as upping the land’s productivity, we’re helping farmers find the best places to sell their crops, so they can get fair prices.

Learn more about our work in Africa.

You can provide nutritious food necessary for growth and health