Nutritious Food

Across the world, hunger is a daily reality. With your help, we can eradicate extreme hunger and poverty for children.

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Every 60 seconds, a hungry child is fed.


Improving agriculture and food security
We work with communities to help improve their farming practices so farmers can grow more significant and varied types of crops, to provide healthy and nutritious food for their family.


Nutrition training
We work together with families and communities, teaching them how to improve nutrition and dietary diversity with locally grown, fresh ingredients, ensuring children grow up healthy and nourished.


Emergency food
Every year, we provide more than nine million people with emergency food assistance to those impacted by conflict or long-term food shortages, including five million children. 

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$12 to buy a chicken
This gift of a chicken and feed can sustain a family with nutritious eggs, chookpoo for their vege garden, and chicks to egg-spand their brood or sell for income.


$25 to fund a family vege garden
Dig this hole-some gift to help a family grow nutritious crops and a source of income. That’s two (green) thumbs up for sowing health into kids and helping families reap a living.


$60 to give emergency food
For kids growing up in the world’s toughest places, this gift is a true life-saver. And because we work with the World Food Programme, it will multiply by 22 times!


$110 to buy an energy-saving stove
Warm up a family’s heart and home with this energy-saving stove. You'll help families to conserve the scarce resources they have and at the same time, breathe in less harmful smoke.

We partner with families to claim back healthy childhoods; providing emergency food relief and securing sustainable food sources for the future.



With changing weather patterns, and unpredictable natural disasters, it isn't easy to ensure a stable food supply for Pacific communities.

Thanks to your support, we're building a more sustainable and resilient food supply with communities in the Pacific. This helps provide nutritious meals for families and provide extra produce for farmers to sell at markets.

Learn more about our work supporting the Pacific.



Two-thirds of the population in Asia don't have enough food to live on, with more than 280 million undernourished people. 

Your support is delivering life-changing food to the most vulnerable communities that urgently need it. Together, we are addressing the problem at its root cause and setting families up to provide for their children long-term. 

Learn more about our work in Asia.



Growing food to eat and sell is challenging for many families in Africa. Irrigation is not readily available, and many crops can't thrive in the climate.

You're helping train farmers on irrigation-based techniques to boost crop production and explore other ways of earning money. You're also helping farmers to find the best places to sell their crops so that they can get fair prices.

Learn more about our work in Africa.

You can provide nutritious food necessary for growth and health.

Every $1 you donate will provide $6 of urgent life-changing support to children whose lives are on the line, thanks to our partnerships with other organisations.

Pryanka loves helping her mother in the garden, and only wants to eat vegetables if they were grown at home.

Pryanka (9), with her mother Sobita, Bangladesh

Emergency food response save lives.

<br>Emergency food response save lives.

We are the preferred partner of the United Nations World Food Programme because we are continuously working to improve our operations to reduce costs and deliver the best outcomes for those we serve.

This life-saving partnership provides food rations, feeds malnourished children, provides meals in schools, teaches families how to cook nutritious meals, and provides cash and e-cards to empower families to purchase their own food. 

Learn more about our work providing emergency food.