Thanks to your generous support, and our partnership with the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Aid Programme, we have been partnering with the people of Vanuatu since 1980.

  • Population285,510
  • Villages6
  • Temp 26°C
Vanuatu communities face low incomes, high rates of child malnutrition, poor access to education, increased risk of natural disasters, and high family and gender-based violence rates.

With your support, we're partnering with Vanuatu communities to tackle the root causes of poverty, ensuring children can thrive.

We are working together with communities on projects that focus on:
 • Disaster risk reduction and preparedness.
 • Addressing violence against women and children.
 • Sustainable agriculture and increasing family income.
 • Improving nutrition and dietary diversity.


Your support is making a life-changing impact for children in Vanuatu.


77,000 coffee seedlings have been distributed to farmers in Tanna with training in improved production and coffee processing.


800 people in Tanna received training in financial literacy, business management, disaster awareness and agricultural production.


577 people are members of 24 savings groups. Savings are being used to pay school fees, start small businesses and build community buildings.


72 vulnerable households in Espiritu Santo received essential aid items as part of our emergency response after Tropical Cyclone Harold.

<h4>Responding to natural disasters</h4>

Responding to natural disasters

Vanuatu is ranked the most vulnerable country globally to natural disasters. In April 2020, Cyclone Harold was the second Category 5 Tropical Cyclone to have wreaked havoc in Vanuatu in just five years.

We're working with communities to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. We help families with shelter, water, healthcare, child protection activities and economic opportunities.

Learn more about our Emergency Relief work.

<h4>Keeping children safe from violence</h4>

Keeping children safe from violence

Women and children are often victims of family and gender-based violence. With your support, we are working to keep families safe from violence.

We are tackling violence at the root cause by partnering with communities to foster safer, more inclusive communities. We are changing perceptions about violence by transforming religious and cultural norms that are often used to justify violence.

Learn more about our Child Protection work.

<h4>Building resilient livelihoods</h4>

Building resilient livelihoods

Up to 85% of people in Vanuatu have experienced negative economic impact due to COVID-19. There is a lack of income and employment opportunities, especially for women and youth.

Thanks to your support, we are working to increase access to savings and loans, strengthen small businesses, and work with farmers to produce higher quality and quantity yields.

Learn more about our Family Income work.

You can make real and lasting change in the lives of children in Vanuatu.


“I am grateful for the help World Vision has come to give us.”

Thanks to your generous support, Riel's family received a shelter tool kit to help rebuild their home after it was destroyed by Cyclone Harold.

Riel (10), Vanuatu

Agricultural Development for Tanna's Economic Growth (ADTEG) project.

Thanks to the support of generous people like you and the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 14 communities on Vanuatu's Tanna Island have experienced transformation through the ADTEG project.

ADTEG was a five-year project that strengthened the household economic resilience for the people of South and South West Tanna. This project increased the production and processing of coffee and other crops, improved food preservation and storage; enhanced families' financial well-being through Savings Groups; and increased communities' awareness and preparedness for natural disasters.

Thanks to your commitment to changing the lives of children and families in Vanuatu, the ADTEG project is now completed, and thousands of lives have been transformed. Thank you.