Going without food is just one way of participating in the 40 Hour Famine; there are heaps of other 40 Hour Famine Challenges.  
If you do choose to the 40 Hour ‘No-Food’ Famine, use the below as a guide only. Your parents should ultimately decide what best suits you, as everyone is different.   
High School or 14+ years - maximum 40 hours (8pm Fri – 12pm Sun) 
Intermediate School or 11 - 13 years - maximum 20 hours (8pm Fri - 4pm Sat) 
Primary School or 8 - 10 years - maximum 20 hours - only miss one meal (6pm Fri - 2pm Sat) 
Under 8 years - choose a different challenge, e.g., no furniture, no-TV, or the no-talking challenge 
We recommend you drink plenty of water or fruit juice to keep hydrated. We also suggest eating a glucose product from time to time for energy.  
Important: If participants are unwell, diabetic, on medication, elderly, pregnant, breast-feeding, playing sports, or have any other food or dietary requirements/concerns, please choose a different 40 Hour Famine challenge – you can be creative, or there are plenty of alternative challenges to choose from. Check out our resources for plenty of ideas. 
There are plenty of ways to get fundraising in a team or on your own. 
Many people choose alternative 40 Hour Challenges, like giving up technology, talking, electricity or even furniture! Others hold their own fundraising event, wash cars, or do an activity that lasts 40 hours, like walking, running, or playing a sport. Be as creative as you like and do it in a team or on your own; the main thing is that you get involved! 
The official 40 Hour Famine starts at 8pm on Friday 7th June and ends midday Sunday 9th June 2019. If you’re unable to complete your challenge this weekend then choose a time that works for you! You’ll still make such a big impact just by being a part of it and fundraising. 

Firstly, find out if your school or church are participating in this year’s 40 Hour Famine. If they are, speak to your Famine Organiser and they will give you a Sponsorship Book. You can scan the QR code on the front of the book to activate an online fundraising profile. 

If you are taking part as an individual, the easiest way to fundraise is to activate an online fundraising profile at famine.org.nz and select ’40 Hour Famine 2019’. You can then personalise your page, your fundraising goal as well as email friends and family and share on social media.  

If you would rather collect the donations in cash face to face, order your Sponsorship Book here. When you get your Sponsorship Book, scan the QR on the front of the book to activate your online fundraising profile and connect your online profile to your Sponsorship Book. Don’t have a QR reader? No worries, enter the URL under the QR code on the front of your Sponsorship Book to take you to the sign up page.  

Download the World Vision NZ app from App Store or Google Play to fundraise on your phone. It only takes a few minutes and all you need is your own email address.