Easy! Fill in our form and we will have the books sent out to you in 5-7 working days (please allow a couple extra days for rural deliveries). Any issues you can call the team on 0800 FAMINE (326 463).
Joining a team is a great way to fundraise! 

You can join a team easily when you create your fundraising page.

If you already have a fundraising page, login to MyWorldVision and follow these steps: 
1.    Select ‘My fundraising”. This will display all fundraising pages you have.
2.    Select which fundraising page you want to connect with your team.
3.    Under the team section select ‘search’
4.    Type in the name of the team you want to join. 
5.    Join your team!

If you don’t already have a fundraising profile. Scan the QR code or enter the URL on the front of your Sponsorship Book and connect with your school, church or team. 

It's really easy! Go to famine.org.nz and click ‘I am an organiser’ or  head here to sign your team up. Type in the name of your school, church or team. If you have taken part in the 40 Hour Famine before, your school, church or team name should appear as you start typing. If not, click on ‘Create a new team’. Type the name of your team, select ’40 Hour Famine 2019’ and then personalise your team page with your goal and details about your campaign. You can invite fundraisers to join the team and share on social media. 

Now encourage your participants to create an online fundraising profile and connect with your school, church or team. They can scan the QR code on their Sponsorship Book or go to famine.org.nz and click ‘I am a fundraiser’ to activate their profile and connect with their team. 

Head to the Apple Store or Google Play and search for World Vision NZ to download our app to manage your team on your phone. 

Login into your MyWorldVision and select ‘My fundraising’. Here you will find all of the teams that you manage. Select which team you want to see the members of. This will open a new page which lists all of your teams information as well as each member of your team and how much money they have raised.