No, if you would like to buy a selection of eCard’s and Printed cards, you will need to complete separate transactions.
You can select the delivery date for your eCard to be sent to the recipient, if you would like the eCard to be delivered on the same day please allow up to 2 hours for the eCard to arrive.
Yes, eCard’s can be received both in New Zealand and overseas.

For Printed cards we use NZ Post services, they have a delivery target of 3-10 working days. When entering the address, you will need to select ‘Manually enter address’ and ensure all the fields are filled in correctly.
We don't send individual gifts overseas. It is best for the community to source locally, and many gifts involve training and support. 

By sourcing gifts locally we know we are providing crops and livestock that are best suited for the local climate and conditions. It also means we can boost a local economy.