No, sorry. The gifts featured in this year's gift catalogue represent the current needs of the children, families and communities where we work.
When you receive the viewers, simply scan the QR code or follow the link to access the film.
We are using a player that supports VR viewing across most mobile devices (including mobile VR headsets like the Samsung Gear VR, Daydream, and Cardboard) and most internet browsers (like Chrome, Safari, etc.). You will need an internet connection to watch the film. 

If you are having difficulty viewing the film in VR mode on your device, we recommend viewing the film in 360 on your mobile device. Alternatively, you can watch the film in 360 via your desktop computer. 
In mid-2013, the Australian government introduced a policy that any asylum seeker arriving to Australia by boat would be sent to Nauru or Manus Island for processing. If found to be a refugee, they would be settled in a country other than Australia. The policies have received sustained criticism for their profound violations of human rights. The conditions in which the refugees and asylum seekers are living are sub-standard and they lack access to adequate healthcare, education, and protection from sexual and physical abuse.