In most cases, it will be throughout their childhood and into their teens. Many children remain in the sponsorship programme for the duration of World Vision's work in their community. In this way, you could follow their journey into young adulthood.

In some cases, children leave the sponsorship programme unexpectedly. For example, the child's family may move away from the area World Vision is working in. If this happens with your sponsored child, we will let you know as soon as possible and offer you sponsorship of another child.

Most children will be in the sponsorship programme until their community has begun to reach most of its goals, and become self-sustainable. As a project comes to a close we will let you know of the achievements in the community so you can celebrate with us, and we’ll offer you another child to sponsor so the development process can begin again in another community.
Yes, you can choose a child to sponsor. Whether you are chosen or choose a child; your sponsorship will make a life-changing difference.

Choose a child to sponsor, and start your sponsorship journey today.
You will not be able to specify the country that a child chooses you from. We will let you know which country will be hosting the next choosing party so you will know the country before you decide. 

If you prefer to sponsor a child from a particular country, or perhaps with a special birthday, you will still have the option to select a child to sponsor.
Absolutely! We love it when sponsors invite more than one sponsored child into their lives! 

Here's how it works: If you want 3 kids to choose you, we’ll print and display 3 copies of your photo at the choosing party, and a different child will choose each photo. By the end of the choosing event, you'll have 3 sponsored children!