Post an update to your online fundraising page is a great way to tell your supporters more about what you are fundraising for, updates on your progress and why you are supporting the children of South Sudan.  

  1. Sign into MyWorldVision and select ‘My fundraising’ and the page you want to share. 

  1. Select the orange button ‘post an update’ 

  1. Write what you want to post, and you can add picture to liven it up! 

  1. Select the orange button ‘post’ and your update will go up on your page straight away.  

The money raised this year will be used to support World Vision’s programming in Northern Uganda to bring South Sudanese children and their families, life-saving essentials like nutritious food and clean water, as well as, a place to live, education and hope for a better future.

Learn more about how we are impacting the children of South Sudan.
Thousands of young lives have been affected by conflict, drought and famine in South Sudan. Children just like us have had to flee for their lives across the border to Uganda, becoming refugees. 
  • One million South Sudanese refugees who have fled to Uganda need food assistance, clean water, health care and education.
  • 61 per cent of South Sudanese refugees in Uganda are children. Hundreds have been separated from their parents. World Vision is helping to identify, protect and find caring guardians for these extremely vulnerable children.

Learn more about how we are impacting the children of South Sudan.
It is easy to donate online through their fundraising page. If you are not sure of the link, you can search for them here and follow the steps to donate with your credit card. We will email you a tax receipt for all donations of $5 or more.