Thank you for helping change everything with clean water! The money you raised last year is already making a huge difference for kids in the world’s toughest places.

So far, you’ve helped provide emergency water to a massive 66,750 people in Syrian refugee camps. Thanks to you, children and their families now have safe water to drink.

You may also remember Prisca from last year’s World Vision 40 Hour Challenge video. Thanks to your hard mahi, she now has a clean water pump close to home. She says, "Now that I have water nearby, I go to school on time. Thank you!"

You’ve also helped train thousands of people in Malawi with the skills and knowledge to help keep clean water flowing for years to come! Because of you, communities can stop dirty water making their kids sick.

Apart from the name, everything else remains the same. The instructions, and the event itself, are all a continuation of the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge that’s been around for nearly 50 years.
While the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge began in response to the Ethiopian famine, the campaign has evolved over the years to support a variety of causes, from the Syrian Refugee Crisis to the Global Water Crisis. The incredible Kiwi kids who take part support so much more than famines, and our new name reflects this.

The new name also better reflects the way young people are choosing to take part. From a 40 hour film festival to 40 hours in a gondola, every year we are blown away by the courage and creativity of young people in coming up with new challenge ideas.

We are making this change as a positive step into the future.
We do not promote or recommend no-eating challenges or food restriction of any kind. This includes restriction or labelling of so-called ‘bad’ or ‘unhealthy’ foods. We recommend adult/parental supervision and guidance with all challenges. If you have a health condition, please check with your healthcare provider.