Child Sponsorship changes lives

World Vision is scaling up prevention and relief interventions of our work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ireen (8), Malawi

Grant Norsworthy is not another singer who talks too much. He’s a speaker who sings songs. He uses his musicianship, freewheeling wit and uncommon candour to encourage audiences to a deeper faith in Christ and good works.

Grant is a wholehearted advocate for children living in poverty around the world and a passionate supporter of child sponsorship. "My child sponsorship experiences have profoundly and irrevocably altered my faith and perspectives in ways that I need to share with anyone and everyone who hears me sing or teach." 

Start your child sponsorship journey today to bring lasting change to the life of a child when they need it the most. Now, more than ever children and families living in extreme poverty are in desperate need of improved access to water, sanitation, healthcare, and protection. We’re working hard with our local partners to keep children safe amidst the spread of COVID-19, but we need your help. 

Join us today in transforming the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children.

$54 a month benefits more lives than you know.
Because of our community-focused solutions, for every child sponsored, 4 more children benefit too.

Debby's life has been transformed by her Sponsor. Watch her story.

Begin sponsoring today, and see how it impacts both your sponsored child’s life and your own.

As a sponsor, you’ll help enable children to enjoy good health, education, spiritual nurture, and protection. You’ll discover the joy of helping families and community leaders build a healthy environment where kids can grow, thrive, and reach their full potential.

Depending on the needs of your child's community, sponsorship projects focus on:


Child Protection

We work alongside communities to protect children who are vulnerable to abuse or exploitation like child marriage, child labour and trafficking.

Clean Water

Reaching 1 new person every 10 seconds, World Vision is the largest non-government provider of safe water in the developing world.


Every year we provide millions of children with an education so they can reach their full potential and contribute to their communities.

Nutritious Food

Every year, we provide more than nine million people with life-saving food assistance, including five million children.

Family Income

Breaking the poverty cycle with economic empowerment, by strengthening families' capacity to provide for their children.


We ensure the most vulnerable have access to healthcare services to help children and their families live long and healthy lives.

Emergency Relief

We respond to disasters with life-saving speed and then stay to ensure the lives of disaster-affected families and communities are rebuilt.


We relentlessly advocate for an end to violence against children and ensure the voices of the world’s most vulnerable children are heard.

Have questions about sponsoring a child?

Please provide your name and phone number and we will be in touch to help.

A child can now choose you to be their sponsor, with our new invitation to Child Sponsorship.
Whether you are chosen or choose a child; your sponsorship will make a life-changing difference.


If I sponsor a child where does my money go?
Your money does not go directly to your sponsor child, or their family, but enables World Vision to work with their entire community to have an even bigger impact and make long-term sustainable change for everyone. As a member of this community, your Sponsor Child receives the benefits of this incredible change and their own lives are transformed.

How do I pay for my sponsorship?
In most cases, you will pay your sponsorship in monthly instalments. When you sign-up to sponsor a child through the website, you will need to use your credit or debit card to complete the process. This card will then be charged each month of your sponsorship. You can arrange other payments options with us by contacting us on 0800 800 776.

Can I visit my Sponsored Child?
Yes, visiting your Sponsored Child offers a unique opportunity to see first-hand the difference your sponsorship has made. If you are planning to visit your Sponsored Child, please contact World Vision New Zealand at least three months before you plan to leave so we can make arrangements with World Vision in the country you will be visiting. 

How long will I sponsor my child?
In most cases, it will be throughout their childhood and into their teens. Most children will be in the sponsorship programme until their community has begun to reach most of its goals, and become self-sustainable. As a project comes to a close we will let you know of the achievements in the community so you can celebrate with us.